10 BOLD Detroit Lions Predictions for 2024

10 BOLD Detroit Lions Predictions for 2024. What is your BOLD prediction for the Detroit Lions in 2024? (Remember, 2024 has already started!)

10 BOLD Detroit Lions Predictions for 2024

As the Detroit Lions march into 2024, the team, under the guidance of Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes, stands on the precipice of an era marked by success and transformative achievements. Building on their first division title in three decades, the Lions are poised for a year of monumental strides and record-breaking performances. That said, let's take a look at 10 BOLD predictions for the Lions in 2024.

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BOLD Predictions

Here are my 10 BOLD predictions for the Detroit Lions in 2024. I tried to put them in the order they would take place.

1. Securing the NFC's No. 2 Seed: The Lions are on the cusp of a significant milestone – clinching the NFC's No. 2 seed. This remarkable accomplishment hinges on their victory against the Minnesota Vikings and is contingent on losses by both the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Attaining this seed would not only be a testament to their remarkable season but also set them up for a deeper playoff run.

2. Two Playoff Victories: The prospect of the Detroit Lions hosting and winning two home playoff games is more than just a possibility; it's a BOLD prediction. This trajectory is expected to lead them to a face-off in the NFC Championship Game against the formidable San Francisco 49ers, a match that may mark the end of their playoff journey, yet signify a major step forward for the team.

3. Ben Johnson's Career Crossroads: Ben Johnson, the architect behind the Lions' offensive success, will find himself at a career crossroads. Despite the lure of unfinished business with the Lions, it's anticipated that Johnson will take up a new challenge, stepping into a head coaching role with another team.

4. Jared Goff's Lucrative Deal: Quarterback Jared Goff is going to sign a lucrative 4-year, $190 million contract. This deal not only cements his role as the cornerstone of the Detroit Lions' offense but also signals the team's confidence in his leadership and skill.

5. Tanner Engstrand's Promotion: In the wake of Johnson's likely departure, the spotlight turns to Tanner Engstrand. His promotion to offensive coordinator is expected to infuse the team with new strategies and innovative play-calling, sustaining the offensive momentum started by Johnson.

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6. Aaron Glenn's Loyalty to the Detroit Lions: Despite aspirations for a head-coaching job Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn is projected to stay with the Lions. If Glenn can improve the Lions defense further in 2024, he will land a head coaching job in 2025.

7. Jonah Jackson's Departure: The team will part ways with guard Jonah Jackson due to high contract demands and his performance metrics. The Detroit Lions will likely look towards free agency or the draft to fill this crucial position, seeking a player who aligns more closely with their strategic goals and salary cap considerations.

8. Drafting a Cornerback: The Lions will prioritize their defense in the 2024 NFL Draft, specifically targeting a cornerback with their first pick. This decision could significantly strengthen their defensive line and address key areas of need.

9. Another NFC North Title: The prediction of the Detroit Lions winning the NFC North for the second consecutive year speaks volumes about their growing dominance and consistency in the division, setting a new standard for the team's performance.

10. Amon-Ra St. Brown's Record-Breaking Season: Wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown will break the NFL record for receptions in a season. I am going to predict that he will catch a whopping 130 passes during the 2024 season, setting him up for a HUGE contract

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Clinching the NFC's No. 2 Seed: The Lions are predicted to secure the NFC's No. 2 seed, a significant achievement that would set them up for success in the playoffs. This requires a win against the Vikings and losses from the Cowboys and Eagles, a combination that would demonstrate the Lions' remarkable season progress and strategic gameplay.
  2. Leadership Changes and Continuity: While Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson is expected to embrace a head coaching role elsewhere, recognizing his outstanding work with the team, Aaron Glenn is predicted to continue his role as the Defensive Coordinator. This blend of leadership change and continuity is expected to maintain the team's momentum while introducing fresh perspectives.
  3. Record-Breaking Performances: Amon-Ra St. Brown is projected to set a new NFL record for receptions in a season, targeting an unprecedented 130 catches. Along with this, the team's continued dominance in the NFC North, marked by their anticipated second consecutive division title, speaks to their growing strength and consistency.

The Bottom Line: Lions will be BOLD in 2024!

The Detroit Lions are expected to have a landmark year in 2024, marked by strategic foresight, player development, and inspiring leadership. These ten bold predictions, if realized, would underscore the Lions' emergence as a powerhouse in the NFL, setting a new benchmark for the team and its fans.