Dan Campbell praises Jared Goff heading into season finale vs. Vikings

Dan Campbell praises Jared Goff heading into season finale vs. Vikings. Photo Credit - Jamie Sabau - USA Today

Dan Campbell praises Jared Goff heading into season finale vs. Vikings

Throughout the 2023 NFL season, Jared Goff, quarterback for the Detroit Lions, has consistently demonstrated the intangible qualities of a proficient team leader. Goff's performance has been nothing short of impressive. He has amassed 4,255 passing yards (No. 3 in the NFL) and 28 touchdown passes (No. 4 in NFL) while completing 67 percent of his pass attempts (No. 7 in NFL for QBs who have started 16 games). But despite his stats, according to head coach Dan Campbell, it is His resilience and toughness that stands out.

Dan Campbell alerts family Dan Campbell praises Jared Goff

Campbell Praises Goff

Dan Campbell, the Lions' head coach, has observed Goff's toughness even before coaching him, especially his ability to bounce back in challenging situations. Goff's resilience and mental strength have not only endeared him to Campbell but have also been pivotal in leading the Lions to their first NFC North division title since the 1993 season.

“From afar, you always – I’ve alluded to this before, but just standing across the sideline from him, I always thought of him as a very – I just saw him in big-time games at our place, and to watch him stand in there and make another throw and get hit and get off the ground, I always thought of him as a tough player,” Campbell said of Goff earlier this week. “And so, with that, you think of, he’s probably pretty resilient to be able to do the things he does.” 

“Until you’re around him (Goff), like I’ve been around him, I don’t want to say it surprised me, but yet, you really get to understand just how resilient he is and how his ability to bounce back – he can look at a situation and take it for what it is,” Campbell expressed. “This is not an, ‘All of sudden, I’ve turned into a – I’m not a good quarterback anymore, or I’m not doing things.’ It’s simply, ‘I’ve got to do this with my footwork. I’ve got to be faster with my progression. I’m drifting too far here in the pocket.’ He can look at it and look at the substance of it and correct – autocorrect and not lose confidence. 

“He knows, ‘I’ve just got to correct this. I’ve just got to do this better.’ And, he never gets too high, he never gets too low. And, I think that’s exactly where you want your quarterback to be. So, he’s very resilient.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jared Goff has showcased exceptional leadership and resilience as the Detroit Lions' quarterback, completing 67% of his passes for over 4,255 yards.
  2. Goff's ability to remain unfazed by physical challenges and setbacks on the field demonstrates his toughness and mental strength.
  3. Coach Dan Campbell praises Goff's resilience, emphasizing his steady demeanor and ability to maintain confidence and self-correction under pressure.

The Bottom Line – Goff's Unwavering Fortitude

Jared Goff‘s journey with the Detroit Lions exemplifies the importance of resilience and mental toughness in professional sports. His ability to bounce back from adversity and maintain a level-headed approach is a testament to his character and skills as a quarterback. As the Lions progress, Goff's resilient nature and unwavering fortitude continue to be a cornerstone of their success, highlighting the invaluable role of mental strength in achieving team goals.


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