MUST SEE: Matthew Stafford connects with Marvin Jones Jr.

At least something went right for the Detroit Lions in the first half against the Seattle Seahawks!

Quarterback Matthew Stafford was able to escape pressure from the Seattle defensive line and launch a perfect pass to receiver Marvin Jones Jr. in the end-zone for the opening touchdown of the game.


Quick Look at the NFC North

Nation, let’s take a look at where the NFC North is today. Lions, Packers, Bears, and Vikings. OH MY.

You can make a VERY strong case to say that the NFC North is the strongest division in the NFL right now. Only the NFC North and NFC South have no teams with less than three wins. All four teams are in the top 13 in offensive yards per game. If you watch a lot of football, that shouldn’t be a surprise to you.

Minnesota Viking’s Kirk Cousins and the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers are both in the top five of passing yards, with Detroit Lions’ Matthew Stafford and Chicago Bears’ Mitchell Trubisky still in the top 15. Keep in mind, we’re pretty sure Rodgers has put up most of his numbers with one leg. Yeah, we get it, the guy’s good. If Rodgers was in any OTHER division, I think Lions fans would have a much easier time admitting that.

How’d we get stuck with this guy anyway? Isn’t he from California? Shouldn’t he be on the Raiders? Did Jon Gruden trade him for a six pack of ice cold Corona and some wings? It’s hard to find a good QB, isn’t it Jon? It’s wild, man. Cousins is excelling in a brand new system in Minnesota and he and Adam Thielen definitely have something special this year. Let’s not forget “Minnesota Miracle Man” Stefon Diggs either.

Matthew Stafford probably won’t be breaking any records this season. But let’s be honest, as Lions fans, do we want HIM breaking records, or do we want THEM winning games? With the recent moves Bob Quinn has made, it’s pretty plain to see that this is the most well-rounded and talented squad the Lions have put on the field in a LONG time.

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