2 Detroit Tigers relief pitchers drawing trade interest

Eduardo Rodriguez and Michael Lorenzen are not the only Detroit Tigers pitchers who are getting trade interest.

The Detroit Tigers are well within the trade buzz, with starting pitchers Eduardo Rodriguez and Michael Lorenzen on the discussion table. But this time around, two more players from the bullpen join the conversation. Relief pitchers, veterans Jose Cisnero and Chasen Shreve, have reportedly caught the eye of several contending teams.

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2 Detroit Tigers relief pitchers drawing trade interest

According to Chris McCoskey of the Detroit Free Press, Cisnero and Shreve have stirred more interest than other team-controlled relievers, Alex Lange and Jason Foley.

“It’s been on my mind a little bit,” Shreve said. “But, you just never know. I had a 2.6 (ERA) or something like that in 2021 and didn’t get traded by the Pirates. And then they released me after the season. So, it’s just like, who knows what’s going to happen.”

“I guess I’m thinking about it, but there really isn’t anything to think about,” Shreve said. “There’s too many moving parts and too many variables. We’ll just see.”

Key Points

  • Detroit Tigers relief pitchers, veterans Jose Cisnero and Chasen Shreve, are drawing trade interest.
  • Despite being on one-year contracts, their performance this season has made them attractive to contending teams.
  • Both pitchers have showcased unique skills effective against both right and left-handed hitters.

Bottom Line – In the Mix, But Will They Make the Pitch?

As we approach the trade deadline, the Detroit Tigers find themselves in the midst of serious conversations. The team's relief pitchers, Shreve and Cisnero, have emerged as potential trade material, reflecting the ever-changing strategies and shifts in player valuation in baseball. Whether they remain with the Tigers or take their skills to another mound, only time will tell.


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