2023 NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Detroit Lions drop following loss to Bears

2023 NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Detroit Lions drop following loss to Bears.

2023 NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Detroit Lions drop following loss to Bears

The Detroit Lions had a chance to move to ten wins on the season when they invaded Soldier Field in Week 14 but the Chicago Bears had other plans as they walked away with a 28-13 win. The latest 2023 NFL Power Rankings have been released, and the Lions have ticked up in most of them.

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What are the NFL Power Rankings for Week 15?

The Athletic

Ranking: 8th

Running back Jahmyr Gibbs and tight end Sam LaPorta are each top 11 in fantasy points among rookies this season. Only the Houston Texans also have multiple rookies in that group. Gibbs is fifth with 134, and LaPorta is 11th with 110.6. However, each was pedestrian Sunday as Detroit lost for the second time in three games, leaving the Vikings within striking distance of the division lead.


Ranking: 6th

The Lions' offense can score with the best of them, ranking in the top 10 in scoring for the past two seasons, but it wasn't the best at capitalizing in the red zone to start the season. Through Week 9, Detroit's red zone efficiency (48.1%) was in the bottom tier of the league, tied with the Texans for 24th. But in their five games after the Week 9 bye week, the Lions have the fifth-best red zone efficiency (72.2%), with the running back tandem of rookie Jahmyr Gibbs and veteran David Montgomery thriving in the backfield

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USA Today

Ranking: 7th

QB Jared Goff has looked awfully ordinary over the past seven games (4-3 record, 10 touchdowns, 10 turnovers). But at this point, the franchise may have little choice aside from making him the long-term answer … which could still be the right answer, price pending.


Ranking: 8th

The last time we saw the Lions look like a potential Super Bowl contender might have been all the way back in Week 4, when they dominated the Packers. Since then, they've had a few good performances but all against bad teams, and the last four games have been troubling. They should have lost to the Bears twice in that span, did lose once to Chicago and were outclassed at home by the Packers on Thanksgiving. The Lions are still very likely to win the division, though that's not a lock anymore. The real concern is that this Lions team we've seen the past few weeks looks like a prime one-and-done candidate for the playoffs.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Bears in Week 14 has resulted in mixed responses in the latest NFL Power Rankings. While they are still rated relatively high, their recent performances have raised concerns. The Athletic places the Lions at 8th, noting that despite having promising rookies like Jahmyr Gibbs and Sam LaPorta, their recent game was lackluster.
  2. Red Zone Efficiency Improvement Yet Concerns Remain: ESPN ranks the Lions 6th, acknowledging their improvement in red zone efficiency post-Week 9. However, concerns are still present, especially regarding their performance against stronger teams.
  3. Questions Around Jared Goff's Consistency: USA Today ranks the Lions 7th, pointing out quarterback Jared Goff's ordinary performance in recent games. The publication suggests that while Goff might be the long-term answer, his recent form raises questions.

Bottom Line

Despite maintaining a high position in various power rankings, the Detroit Lions face critical challenges. Their recent loss to the Bears, coupled with inconsistent performances, especially from key players like Jared Goff, has cast doubt on their potential to excel in the playoffs. As they approach the end of the season, it will be crucial for the Lions to address these issues to solidify their position as a strong contender and avoid being a one-and-done team in the playoffs.