2024 NFL Draft Order Following Week 10: Detroit Lions continue to drop

2024 NFL Draft Order Following Week 10: Detroit Lions continue to drop.

2024 NFL Draft Order Following Week 10: Detroit Lions continue to drop

Over halfway through the 2023 NFL season, the Detroit Lions have turned the tables with a remarkable 7-2 record, shifting their focus from early draft picks to securing a top seed in the NFC. This significant improvement in their performance contrasts sharply with previous seasons, where draft positions were a primary concern at this stage.

2024 NFL Draft Detroit

2024 NFL Draft Order Following Week 10

The current draft order shows several teams vying for the top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, with the Chicago Bears (via the Carolina Panthers) leading, followed by the New York Giants and New England Patriots. The Lions, with their impressive record, find themselves near the bottom of the draft order.

Here is the full order, via Tankathon: NOTE: Picks 19-32 will ultimately be determined based on the results of the 2023 NFL Playoffs. The order below is based on current records.

1 Chicago (Via Carolina)1-8.111.512Lost 2
2 NY Giants2-8.2000.5.519Lost 3
3 New England2-8.2000.5.538Lost 3
4 Arizona2-8.2000.5.544Won 1
5 Chicago3-7.3001.5.488Won 1
6 Green Bay3-6.3332.0.478Lost 1
7 LA Rams3-6.3332.0.531Lost 3
8 Tennessee3-6.3332.0.544Lost 2
9 Atlanta4-6.4002.5.425Lost 3
10 Washington4-6.4002.5.481Lost 1
11 Tampa Bay4-5.4443.0.478Won 1
12 NY Jets4-5.4443.0.503Lost 2
13 Denver4-5.4443.0.519Won 3
14 LA Chargers4-5.4443.0.525Lost 1
15 Indianapolis5-5.5003.5.481Won 2
16 Las Vegas5-5.5003.5.497Won 2
17 Buffalo5-5.5003.5.500Lost 2
18 Cincinnati5-4.5564.0.579Lost 1
19 New Orleans5-5.5003.5.394Lost 1
20 Arizona (Via Houston)5-4.5564.0.478Won 2
21 Minnesota6-4.6004.5.500Won 5
22 Dallas6-3.6675.0.462Won 1
23 Pittsburgh6-3.6675.0.516Won 2
24 Houston (Via Cleveland)6-3.6675.0.525Won 2
25 Miami6-3.6675.0.453Lost 1
26 Seattle6-3.6675.0.487Won 1
27 Jacksonville6-3.6675.0.516Lost 1
28 San Francisco6-3.6675.0.516Won 1
29 Baltimore7-3.7005.5.561Lost 1
30 Detroit7-2.7786.0.478Won 2
31 Kansas City7-2.7786.0.509Won 1
32 Philadelphia8-1.8897.0.466Won 3
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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions' impressive 7-2 record in the 2023 season has shifted their focus from top draft picks to playoff contention.
  2. The current 2024 NFL Draft order sees teams like the Chicago Bears and New York Giants at the top.
  3. The Lions’ dramatic improvement has significantly impacted their position in the draft order, indicating a potential powerful postseason ahead.

Bottom Line – Lions’ Unprecedented Surge

The Detroit Lions' remarkable turnaround in the 2023 NFL season has had a significant impact on the 2024 NFL Draft order. With their current 7-2 record, they've dramatically dropped to the 30th position in the draft order, a testament to their exceptional performance and potential for postseason success. This shift marks a new era for the Lions, who are now focused on playoff prospects rather than top draft picks. It's a testament to the team's hard work and improvement, setting a new course for the franchise's future.

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