3 Players the Detroit Red Wings could acquire before NHL Trade Deadline

3 Players the Detroit Red Wings could acquire before NHL Trade Deadline.

3 Players the Detroit Red Wings could acquire before NHL Trade Deadline

We are exactly one month away from the 2023-24 NHL Trade Deadline, and it is going to be very interesting to see what Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman decides to do. If the Red Wings continue to play like they played in the month of January, they will continue to solidify themselves as a playoff contender, forcing Yzerman to add a player or two before the deadline. Evan Sabourin of The Hockey Writers has suggested three players the Red Wings could acquire before the trade deadline.

Detroit Red Wings frustrated Players the Detroit Red Wings could acquire

3 Players the Red Wings could Acquire

In a recent article, Sabourin suggests the Red Wings could trade for D Noah Hanifin, D Marcus Pettersson, or D Jakob Chychrun. Here is a summary of what Sabourin said about each player being a potential target for the Red Wings.

Noah Hanifin: LHD, Calgary Flames

Noah Hanifin, a 27-year-old defenseman for the Calgary Flames, is highlighted for his solid two-way play despite not meeting early career expectations. As the Flames show openness to trades, demonstrated by the recent deal sending Elias Lindholm to the Canucks, Hanifin stands out as a valuable trade piece. This season, he has tallied nine goals and 17 assists, contributing significantly to the Flames' power-play efforts. With his contract set to expire, making him an unrestricted free agent, Hanifin is expected to attract interest for a trade that could involve prospects and draft picks. The Detroit Red Wings, under General Manager Steve Yzerman, may consider acquiring Hanifin for a long-term role, potentially seeing him as a strategic addition to their defensive lineup, despite needing to manage salary cap implications.

Marcus Pettersson: LHD, Pittsburgh Penguins

Marcus Pettersson, a left-handed defenseman known for his defensive capabilities rather than his offense, is attracting attention from contending teams. With his 6-foot-4 stature fitting the profile desired by Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman, Pettersson's Swedish background and willingness to engage physically make him a valuable asset capable of defending against top opposition lines. At 27, his contract aligns well with the Red Wings' timeline, extending until after the 2025-26 season, despite a no-trade clause. While the Pittsburgh Penguins, led by GM Kyle Dubas, may consider a playoff push, Pettersson could potentially be acquired for a lower-end prospect and a mid-round draft pick. Although it's uncertain if Yzerman is interested, the move would require financial adjustments similar to strategies used by Ken Holland of the Edmonton Oilers.

Jakob Chychrun: LHD, Ottawa Senators

Chychrun, known for his two-way play and offensive skills, has had a career marked by high potential and injury concerns, including multiple knee surgeries. With a no-trade clause and a cap hit of $4.6 million through 2024-2026, Chychrun presents a risky but potentially rewarding acquisition for teams seeking a dynamic defender. As the Ottawa Senators consider trading him during a disappointing season, Detroit, under GM Steve Yzerman, views Chychrun as a fitting addition to their rebuilding efforts, despite the risks associated with his injury history. The decision to pursue Chychrun hinges on the willingness to invest in a player with a history of significant injuries.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Potential Acquisitions: The Detroit Red Wings, under GM Steve Yzerman, are considering bolstering their defense before the NHL trade deadline, with Noah Hanifin, Marcus Pettersson, and Jakob Chychrun identified as potential acquisitions. Each player brings unique strengths to the table, from Hanifin's two-way play and power-play contributions to Pettersson's defensive capabilities and Chychrun's dynamic two-way game.
  2. Strategic Considerations: The acquisition of any of these players would require strategic financial planning due to salary cap considerations and the potential cost in terms of prospects and draft picks. Hanifin and Pettersson both offer solid defensive skills and fit well within the Red Wings' timeline, while Chychrun's offensive prowess is tempered by his injury history.
  3. Injury Concerns and Contractual Commitments: Chychrun's history of knee injuries presents a risk, but his talent could offer significant rewards. Both Hanifin and Pettersson are approaching free agency in the near future, adding another layer of consideration for the Red Wings in terms of long-term planning and cap management.

Bottom Line:

As the trade deadline approaches, the Red Wings face crucial decisions in their quest to strengthen their roster and solidify their playoff contention status. GM Steve Yzerman's choices will reflect a balance between immediate team needs and long-term strategic goals, with the potential acquisition of Hanifin, Pettersson, or Chychrun signaling Detroit's commitment to bolstering their defensive lineup. The ultimate decision will hinge on evaluating the trade-off between the players' proven abilities, contractual situations, and the risks associated with injury histories.

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