4 Teams Detroit Lions fans need to root against moving forward

If the Detroit Lions are going to make the playoffs, they will need some help.

Following their 28-25 loss on Thanksgiving Day to the Buffalo Bills, the Detroit Lions now sit at 4-7 on the season, but they are still in the playoff picture. That being said, in order to make the playoffs, I really think the Lions are going to have to win at least five of their remaining six games, and that all starts with beating the Jacksonville Jaguars this coming Sunday at Ford Field. But in addition to rooting for the Lions to win at least five of six down the stretch, they are also going to have to root against some other teams to lose as many games as possible.

Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day rooting guide

Which 4 teams should Detroit Lions fans root for moving forward

As it stands, the Lions are currently No. 6 in the NFC Wild Card standings, which means they will have to leapfrog three of those teams in order to earn a playoff spot.

Here are the current standings in the NFC, via ESPN:

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You can pretty much ignore the Eagles, Vikings, 49ers, and Buccaneers as they are currently the leaders in their own divisions. You can also ignore the Dallas Cowboys because they have the tiebreaker over the Lions, and there is virtually no chance the Lions catch them in the standings.

With that being said, Lions' fans should root hard against the New York Giants, Washington Commanders, Seattle Seahawks, and Atlanta Falcons to lose as many games as possible down the stretch.

If the Lions win 5 of 6 to end the season, they could certainly jump three or even four teams to get into the playoffs.

Don't believe me, check it out! (Via ESPN NFL Playoff Machine)

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