A.J. Hinch shoots straight after Detroit Tigers get pummeled by Athletics

A.J. Hinch spoke to the media following the loss and he was clearly not thrilled at all with how the Detroit Tigers played.

In a matchup against the struggling Oakland Athletics, the Detroit Tigers had a prime opportunity to secure and make progress in the American League Central standings. However, their hopes were dashed as the Tigers suffered a crushing defeat, prompting manager A.J. Hinch to express his frustration.

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Hinch shoots straight after Detroit Tigers get pummeled by Athletics

Following the game, Hinch lamented the lackluster performance and emphasized the need for improvement. The Tigers' loss against a team with a poor record raises questions about their ability to seize opportunities and underscores the importance of addressing the team's shortcomings before the trade deadline.

“There's not a lot of good to talk about tonight,” Tigers manager A.J. Hinch said Wednesday night after the A’s beat the Tigers, 12-3.

“They are missed opportunities to win some games,” Hinch said. “I mean, I would take that approach against anybody, off any road trip, or off any homestand. Sting more? Sting less? They are losses, so they sting about the same. I hate them all pretty much the same.”

“We need to do better at the beginning of the game, the middle of the game and even the end of the game,” Hinch said.

Key Points

  • The Detroit Tigers faced the Oakland Athletics, a team with a subpar 24-63 record, expecting a favorable outcome.
  • However, the Tigers were unable to deliver, and the Athletics dominated the game with a convincing 12-3 victory.
  • Hinch expressed disappointment and acknowledged the lack of positives from the Tigers' performance.
  • This defeat stings even more considering the Tigers lost to a team that has been swept 11 times this season.
  • Hinch emphasized the need for improvement in all aspects of the game, from the beginning to the end.
  • The Tigers' struggles in this series highlight missed opportunities and raise concerns about their ability to capitalize on favorable matchups.
  • Hinch's dissatisfaction with the team's performance signifies the urgency to address weaknesses and make necessary adjustments before the trade deadline.

Bottom Line: Addressing Weaknesses and Regaining Momentum

With the Tigers losing two in a row and the Twins winning three in a row, Detroit is now 6.5 games out of first place in the American League Central. The bottom line is that the Tigers are not a good baseball team, and it shows in their 37-48 record.