Adam Schefter on Jim Harbaugh: ‘There’s not a coach anywhere…that’s better’

This past Saturday, Michigan was embarrassed by Ohio State for the second year in a row and the result is that there has been plenty of talk about whether or not Jim Harbaugh is the right man for the job.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Harbaugh is not only the right man for the job but he believes there is “not a coach anywhere” that is better than the Wolverines head coach.

“It’s disappointing that they can’t beat Ohio State and it just feels like the program has fallen behind Ohio State. It’s just a notch below it,” Schefter said.

“I don’t get where all this Jim Harbaugh should be fired talk is coming from. It seems like — and maybe I’m wrong — it’s more fan-based, more media based than fact-based. Again, I don’t cover that team, I’m dealing with it on a daily basis, but all this conversation about moving on from Jim Harbaugh…the expectations are a little bit out of whack compared to what he’s done for that program. He shouldn’t be going anywhere. There’s not a coach anywhere, I believe, that’s better than Jim Harbaugh right now.”

Nation, do you agree with Schefter?