Aidan Hutchinson: Playing Hurt Or Overrated?

Aidan Hutchinson is either playing hurt or overrated, Neil tries to make sense of it and Butler loses it.

Aidan Hutchinson Is Not Making The Impact

Is Aidan Hutchinson playing hurt?

Neil: Let me be 100% crystal clear, on Aidan Hutchinson and the Detroit Lions. 

Butler: Clear us up, Neil. 

Neil: If they would've gone out today and lost, but only by two or three points or even one score, I would've felt completely fine. I would've felt completely fine about the state of this team. They're playing teams close. They're dealing with injuries, they're working through things.

It's still early in the season. Not a problem. But all the games that we lost up to this point have been close games. And then today we go out against, as I said earlier, one of the, what should have been one of the easiest wins that the Detroit Lions probably had available this season and they shit to bed.

And it was bad. It was really bad. And that is why I feel the way that I feel. If they would've finished in a close game, I wouldn't feel as bad as I do. But just as that all happened today, I'm not feeling super great. Where did you go? 

Detroit Rick: I, losing a three-point game, one thing. 

Neil: Yeah. 

Detroit Rick: But getting embarrassed and disrespected like we did today. We got embarrassed today. We had a glimpse of a community college football team today. Oh my, my own hopes and prayer now are that my taxi driver knows where the donkey show is in town. That's what I hope for.

Butler: Let's, before the donkey show comment, let's talk about you know what, I wouldn't I wouldn't embarrass a college team as much as you're doing right now, cuz. That was a terrible game. 

Detroit Rick: Oh, hey, real quick. 

Butler: Look, I B 11 high school ball. Okay. We're such a small team.I play both sides of the line. My high school team probably could have put on a better show than the Detroit Lions did today. It's embarrassing. It's embarrassing. 

Neil: Let's touch on Chad's comment here real quick. He's asking about Aidan Hutchinson. Is he playing hurt? Is he over his head? That's a good question actually. I think he's playing hurt. Yeah, I don't.

Butler: After what you saw the first couple of games and then after he got hurt. I can't see this as a learning curve. I think he's hurt, Neil. 

Neil: I think that, So there was, yeah, the, there was the one kinda longer run that the Patriots had today where I think Elliot ended up running the guy outta bounds, right around the 10-yard line.

But you saw Aidan Hutchinson jogging along. You see the camera obviously on the play, but Aidan Hutchinson's probably about in the middle of the field. And he's not, he wasn't running, he wasn't running. I thought back it was like, Man, Ziggy would've, I always go back to with the effort that he always put in everything, but it's like he would've been sprinting his ass off.

Detroit Rick: Yeah. At that point, Ziggy would've had him, Ziggy would've had him. 

Neil: So I don't know. I don't know if he's still hurt. I feel like with as many injuries that are happening in the NFL this season, there if there's not absolutely should be a heightened awareness around how teams are handling and disclosing folks that are injured.

So I don't know if they're trying to smuggle him in there because, and say I'm 90% Aidan Hutchinson is better than not having him out there at all. I think that he's in over his head a little. I will say that I think that he is, and I think that a lot of that falls on the coaching staff's shoulders and not putting him in the best situation that he could possibly put to be successful.

If you are committed and saying that Aidan Hutchinson is the best pass rusher that you have on the team, throw somebody else over on the other side to deal with the left tackle. Just take up that body. Let Aidan Hutchinson try to rush in against the right tackle. Or let him stand up in like a linebacker spot and bliss or do whatever, but they have to get creative to be able to get him in a position where he can apply pressure.

And they haven't been doing that in the past few weeks. It's just, it's, he's, it's been quiet. He's been quiet and he has been getting double-teamed a lot. There were some good stats that came out on that this week where him and what's his name? The Miles Garrett from Cleveland is leading the league and double teams that they face from the defensive end position.

But still, what's the point of having a playmaker if you never put him in a position to make plays? I just don't understand that they have to do something. 

Butler: Rick, you want to answer Austin's start-off on Austin's question and I'll jump in on the backside of this.

Detroit Rick: Yeah. You know what? Jared Goff shows some really good glimpses of being a great quarterback. In the last few, he's been an NFL quarterback. He's a veteran quarterback. He's been in the playoff, he's been in the Super Bowl today. He played like an unguided missile and had no clue what, in my opinion, no clue what the fuck he was doing out there.

I was just so disappointed. His play, granted, we don't have, we don't have the receivers right now. We've got Amon-Ra St. Brown hurt, so we don't have, his targets aren't healthy, but if it so next man up, everybody knows next man up. So footballs were hitting guys and hands and dropping them. It's not on Jared Goff.

The balls weren't there. He was throwing balls at should have been thrown. He was thrown a double coverage. He was just off freaking day when he threw out of bounds that last drive-through outta bounds. There was a receiver that was literally freaking six feet in front, but he throws it out of bounds.

The guy standing right there at the fucking first down marker. I'm like, come on, you gotta have awareness of the game. He's a professional football player, a veteran football player. 

Butler: Ball awareness is not Goff. 

Detroit Rick: Some point. 

Butler: And I want, we've talked about that.

Aidan Hutchinson Detroit Lions

Detroit Rick: I wanna be on his bandwagon. I really wanna be on his bandwagon cuz he showed some really great glimmers of hope for the last few games today. It was a shit show. Yeah, I know you guys don't wanna blame Goff for this. Goff's the captain of the team. He's the leader of the team. 

Butler: And today he did not show up. I do wanna blame Jared Goff for this and like I said, the last couple of weeks I've been off the Jared Goff hater wagon standing on the side of the road waiting for the bandwagon to drive by and it drove right by today.

If that hater wagon comes back by, I'm jumping back on because I don't know what that fumble is there such a thing as a fumble six? What is it called? Is it called a fumble six? It's called a pick-six. I guess we could just call it to fumble six. It probably doesn't happen enough. Did it have a fucking name? I don't know. But Jared Goff did it. Jared Golf did it. 

Neil: So, I don't know, man. He's not the only person that's fumbled the ball. 

Butler: No. He's, But he is the only person on five games that gave three scores up to the other defense. I don't know if there's gotta be some sort of record on that in the NFL. I'll look that up for the next one. Oh, I'm for the Detroit Lions. Have it. Lord. Man, that was, that's embarrassing. 

Neil: Yeah, Chad just nailed it. If Jared Goff gets pressured plays over. And I do agree with that, and I think that we saw that explicitly today. 

Detroit Rick: Yeah, you can't be back to running their circles. You've got that clock in your head, Hey, time's up, look around.

Butler: The Detroit Lions don't have a clock in their head. The coaches don't have a clock in their heads. The defense doesn't have a clock in their head. The offense doesn't have a clock in their head. Those guys have the worst clock management. I don't care what AJ said last week for one quarter. The worst clock management I've ever seen in my life. They have no awareness of where the ball is. They throw a short, on every third and long. 

Detroit Rick: I don't understand what they're doing, but I love my Detroit Lions baby. 

Neil: Ah, I don't get what they're doing with the, how often that they're going for fourth downs. 

Detroit Rick: I don't get it either. 

Neil: What is going on with this shit? And at least in some of the spots where they're doing.. 

Detroit Rick: It's a joke now. Now it's a joke. 

Neil: If you're around the 50-yard line or within their 40 and you don't think that you can kick the field goal, sure, whatever. Yeah, sure, who cares. But when you do it on your own side of the field, like early in the game, I don't understand that.

And I don't agree with it. Granted, he's the one getting paid to make those decisions, and I am not, and I understand that, but just. The fact that they just keep ignoring that they have a field goal kicker and they have a punter…

Detroit Rick: They're on the team for a reason. 

Butler: Sorry I had to take a minute. I was losing my shit. Can I just say something? I'm sorry. I'm not a coach. I am not a journalist. I'm just a Detroit Lions fan, so sorry about that. 

Detroit Rick: I'm just someone who talks shit about you again, man. 

Butler: Oh, dude, you should, you guys, I'm glad you guys don't read the comments. They pull us every week on us. Close them up. 

Detroit Rick: I guarantee it. I guarantee it. Chad, Austin. No, it's good stuff. 

Butler: They'll help us. There's the internet is a plethora of hilariousness. And even when it's at our expense, I still love it.

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