Analyst suggests Detroit Lions as trade destination for Mike Evans

Detroit Lions as trade destination for Mike Evans? One former NFL player turned analyst thinks it's a perfect fit.

Analyst suggests Detroit Lions as trade destination for Mike Evans

Ever since he was drafted in 2014, Mike Evans has consistently showcased his prowess on the football field, becoming an invaluable asset for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With an impressive track record, including being the franchise's all-time leader in receptions, touchdowns, and yards, it's no wonder that Evans is in high demand. But recent rumors suggest this star player might soon be looking for a new home.

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What did Aqib Talib Say About Mike Evans and the Detroit Lions?

Adding fuel to the speculative fire, former NFL player turned analyst Aqib Talib recently took to ‘Up & Adams' and voiced his support for a potential move that would see Evans joining forces with Jared Goff on the Detroit Lions.

“That's my guy,” Talib said. “Jared Goff is always behind Jared Goff. He got a lot of flak for the Super Bowl, but he was in a Super Bowl. He was in the playoffs. Third year in the league. He's going to playoffs. I mean, he's always about winning. Look at his career, man. He's always about winning.”

“And this is a good team. It's a nice, well-coached team a physical powerhouse in my opinion, and I like Detroit. I like what they're doing. I think that'd be one of the final 4 teams and you add a guy like Mike Evans. I don't know what they can do. Okay, but I've been talking about it for a while man. I like where they at right now.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Mike Evans, a consistent achiever for the Buccaneers, might be on the move, with the Detroit Lions as a potential destination.
  2. Former NFL player Aqib Talib endorses a Lions move, seeing synergy between Evans and Lions' quarterback Jared Goff.
  3. Financially, the Lions are poised to make such a move, which could see Evans pairing up with Amon-Ra St. Brown, enhancing their offensive lineup.

Bottom Line – Lions, Buccaneers, and the Trade Tango

There is no question about it that the Lions could use a talented wide receiver to add to their current receivers room, and, as I wrote earlier today, Mike Evans could be the player that would push the team over the top. What do you think? Should the Lions try to trade for Evans if he becomes available?