Andrew Copp hopes Red Wings ‘Built a little bit of confidence’ despite loss to Stars

Andrew Copp hopes Red Wings 'Built a little bit of confidence' despite loss to Stars.

Andrew Copp hopes Red Wings ‘Built a little bit of confidence' despite loss to Stars

On Monday night, the Detroit Red Wings suffered a 6-3 loss to the Dallas Stars, marking their third consecutive game without a win. Despite this setback, Andrew Copp sees a silver lining, believing the team scored and created enough to win, though acknowledging shortcomings in penalty killing and defensive zone play.

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What did Andre Copp Say?

Copp's optimistic outlook, especially in light of missing key players, reflects a resilient team spirit and a belief in their capability to compete at a high level.

“I think we scored enough goals to win,” Andrew Copp said. “I think we created enough to win, for sure. I think the PK let us down and a little bit too much d-zone.”

“I think we built confidence over the course of today’s game,” Copp said. “I think we were a little shaky about how it was going to go, just missing those guys that we are. But hopefully we built a little bit of confidence and that we can play with anybody at any given time if we’re playing the right way.”

Clean Up the Defense

Copp admitted that the Red Wings did not do enough defensively.

“In the d-zone, we weren’t as quick to close on guys today for sure. Their power play is really good. We got to clean that up a little bit. We got to stop the trend. I think we were going really well there for about seven games to get out by seven goals. We got to find that again.”

Andrew Copp's confidence

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Red Wings fell 6-3 to the Stars, marking their third straight loss.
  2. Andrew Copp remains optimistic, citing enough goal creation for a win.
  3. Defensive and penalty-kill areas are identified as needing improvement.

The Bottom Line – A Stepping Stone to Future Success

The Red Wings' recent defeat to the Dallas Stars, though a setback, serves as a stepping stone for the team's growth and development. Andrew Copp's belief in the team's potential to play at par with any opponent is a testament to their resilience and adaptability. As the Red Wings continue their journey through the season, leveraging this optimistic mindset and focusing on strengthening their weaknesses, particularly in defense and penalty killing, will be crucial in their quest to rebound from recent losses and achieve future success.