Detroit Red Wings F David Perron suspended by NHL

Detroit Red Wings F David Perron suspended by NHL. Does the time serve the crime?

Detroit Red Wings F David Perron suspended by NHL

Detroit Red Wings forward David Perron has faced a substantial penalty from the NHL, receiving a six-game suspension for his hit on Ottawa Senators’ defenseman Artem Zub. This disciplinary action, announced Monday, follows an incident during the first period of Ottawa’s 5-1 victory over the Red Wings last Saturday.

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What Will It Cost Perron Financially?

Perron’s suspension is without pay, which will cost him $148,437.48, calculated based on his average annual salary. This suspension results from a match penalty for a crosscheck, which came after a hit on Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin by Mathieu Joseph and Parker Kelly, leaving Larkin unconscious on the ice.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. David Perron of the Red Wings has been suspended for six games.
  2. The suspension follows a crosscheck on Senators’ Artem Zub.
  3. The penalty cost Perron $148,437.48, based on his salary.
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The Bottom Line – A Strong Stance Against Unsafe Play

The NHL's decision to suspend David Perron for six games underscores the league's commitment to upholding player safety and enforcing rules against dangerous play. This incident not only affects the Red Wings' lineup but also sends a clear message throughout the league about the consequences of such actions. The suspension reflects the NHL’s ongoing efforts to balance the physical nature of hockey with the need to protect players from unnecessary and potentially harmful actions.