Andrew Copp’s confidence higher entering 2nd Red Wings season

Heading into Year 2 with the Detroit Red Wings, forward Andrew Copp's confidence has grown!

Heading into Year 2 with the Detroit Red Wings, forward Andrew Copp's confidence has grown!

Detroit Red Wings forward Andrew Copp didn't have the productive season he had hoped for last year, which was his first with the team following a contract that paid him over $5 million per season. However, with renewed focus and the opportunity to participate in training camp and the preseason this time around, Copp is confident that things will improve in the 2023-24 season.

Andrew Copp's confidence

Copp missed training camp and preseason play last year

Shortly after signing his new contract with the Red Wings, having split the 2021-22 season between the Winnipeg Jets and the New York Rangers, Copp underwent abdominal surgery. This setback caused him to miss both training camp and the preseason exhibition games. Starting a season under such circumstances, particularly in a new coaching system with unfamiliar teammates, presented a significant challenge. As a result, he didn't score his first goal until November and concluded the season with 42 points (9 goals and 33 assists).

Copp is confident heading into 2023-24

Copp now has a full offseason of training under his belt, which will undoubtedly better prepare him for the upcoming year.

“It was nice to have a full summer of training,” Copp stated. “I did a lot of new stuff, things that helped me get to the point where I am now. It was nice to not have to worry about that side of things coming into the year. Just go out and play a little bit.”

It's also easier for him this time around now that he's gotten to know his new teammates.

“For the Lions-Chiefs opener, we already had something,” Copp said. “In Traverse City, we had a couple dinners and golf things that were set up that were huge for the team. Walking into training camp, I think if you asked every new guy, they would be like, ‘Yeah, I don’t feel like I’m the new guy anymore. I feel part of the team.’”

I also feel like I’m going to be a different player this year, so that can kind of change chemistry almost. You have a little bit more jump and energy, so maybe my game ramps up a little bit and then chemistry changes.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Red Wings forward Andrew Copp's confidence has grown as he enters his second season with the team.
  2. Having missed both Training Camp and the preseason last year due to abdominal surgery, he faced a challenging start, being somewhat behind the curve.
  3. Now, with a full offseason of training behind him, Copp is expecting bigger and better things in the 2023-24 season.

Bottom Line: Copp must produce

While Andrew Copp isn't primarily known for his goal-scoring prowess, the Red Wings are certainly looking for increased production from him, especially considering his salary.

Copp and the Red Wings will kick off the regular season tomorrow night against the New Jersey Devils.