Bill Belichick praises Martha Ford’s dedication to Lions

Earning high praise from arguably the greatest NFL coach of all time is certainly an accolade to be proud of, but how will Detroit Lions fans feel about it?

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had nothing but great things to say about owner Martha Firestone Ford, who took over control of the Lions following the passing of her husband William Clay Ford in 2014. During the premiere of the NFL’s documentary, “A Lifetime of Sundays,” Belichick said Ford “stood out there the whole” time during joint practices between the Lions and Patriots in 90-degree temperatures.

“She is very sharp. She’s so passionate about her team, about the city of Detroit about the Lions fans and I have a great deal of respect for that,” Belichick said. “She works very hard to try and put her team in the best possible position to win and be competitive.”

Meanwhile, New York Giants owner John Mara called Ford a remarkable woman, among other praise:

“There is no doubt when you go to the league meetings; she is anything but your typical 93-year-old. She’s extremely energetic, extremely with it and she understands everything that’s going on in the NFL.”