Blake Corum says Michigan fans can expect ‘Old Blake, plus more’ in 2023

Blake Corum has given an update on his recovery, along with what Michigan Football fans can expect from him in 2023.

During a recent interview with The 33rd Team, Michigan star running back Blake Corum gave an optimistic update on his recovery process, indicating that he is at “about 98 percent” in his journey to full fitness. After suffering a knee injury that prematurely ended his previous season, Corum is determined to be back to full speed in time for the upcoming games.

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Blake Corum says Michigan fans can expect ‘Old Blake, plus more' in 2023

His return to facing live contact will be the final test in his recovery, and he looks forward to showcasing his skills on the field once again. As one of the top running back prospects, Corum's comeback is crucial for Michigan's offensive prowess and their quest for conference championship and playoff contention. Corum also went on to say that Wolverines fans should expect to see, “The old Blake, plus some” in 2023.

Key Points

  • Michigan's star running back, Blake Corum, provides a positive update on his recovery process.
  • Corum states he is at “about 98 percent” in his recovery and expects to be fully ready for the first game of the season.
  • His primary focus now is getting back on the field, feeling contact, and putting on the pads.
  • Corum's absence during the spring allowed him to focus on rehabbing his knee injury.
  • The running back had an impressive season with 1,463 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns, making him a top running back prospect before his injury.
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Bottom Line – A Determined Return

Blake Corum's determination and dedication to his recovery highlight his commitment to Michigan and his love for the sport. As he edges closer to being fully ready for the season, fans can look forward to witnessing his electrifying plays on the field once again. The Wolverines' success heavily relies on Corum's abilities and impact on the game, making his return a highly anticipated event for football enthusiasts. As Michigan prepares to embark on a new season, Blake Corum's resilience serves as an inspiration, and his performance will undoubtedly shape the team's destiny.


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