Bo Schembechler should never be mentioned as a ‘Michigan man’ ever again

Ever since I was a young child and heard the term, “Michigan man,” the first thing I thought of was former Michigan football coach, Bo Schembechler.

For years, Bo was regarded by most as the greatest Wolverines head coach of all time and a big part of the history of the football program.

Now, I am here to say that as a Michigan fan who bleeds blue, Bo Schembechler should never again be mentioned as a “Michigan Man” and his statue on campus, along with anything at all that involves him in any way should be taken down and destroyed.

On Thursday, three survivors of Dr. Robert Anderson’s sexual abuse, including Bo’s stepson, Matt Schembechler, spoke about how they were abused by Dr. Anderson and that Bo knew about it and did nothing. In fact, Matt said that when he told Bo, his father, about Dr. Anderson’s sexual abuse, he earned a punch in the chest.

Here are some of the comments from today’s press conference.

What you are about to read is absolutely disgusting and Bo had a chance to stop it.