Brad Holmes says what EVERY Detroit Lions fan wants to hear

Brad Holmes just said what EVERY Detroit Lions fan wants to hear!

In preparation for the upcoming 2023 NFL season, Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes acknowledges the increased attention and anticipation surrounding the team. While the buzz surrounding the Lions is undeniable, Holmes emphasizes that this does not signify the team has reached its desired destination. Despite the optimism and hope generated by the fanbase and the city, Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell understand the importance of tangible results and making it to the playoffs.

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Brad Holmes says what EVERY Detroit Lions fan wants to hear

During an appearance on “The Season with Peter Schrager,” Holmes delivered a message to Lions fans ahead of the training camp. He urged fans to continue supporting the team, emphasizing that the journey is far from over. The Lions organization remains dedicated to working hard, staying aggressive, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to success.

“Just continue to stick with this and just continue to know that we're not done yet,” said Holmes. “Just know that we're always going to work hard, keep our pedal to the metal, always going to stay aggressive.

“I love the fact that it's a lot of this is what they call buzz and hope. I think this fanbase and our city deserves that just through all that they've been through. But at the end of the day, me and Dan know that we haven't made the playoffs yet,” Holmes continued. “And so that's what has to be. We got to get in the dance. We have full faith and optimism that I think we have the right structure in place that we can get that done.” 

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Now is the time to prove it

Holmes believes the Lions' have what it takes from top to bottom to get into the playoffs, but he also knows that now they have to prove it.

“We got to go out there and prove it. And that's how we're wired,” Holmes said. “We're all about accountability and earning it and doing it the right way. And that's what the city of Detroit is. It's roll up your sleeves, get it done. No excuses. And just know that your football team is doing the exact same thing. I think there is a lot of reasons for the optimism and excitement. But, I do think that, you know, all bearing healthy and all that, I do think that the fans will be really excited.”

Key Points

  • Brad Holmes, Detroit Lions general manager, delivers a pre-Training Camp message to fans.
  • Despite the team's increased attention, Holmes emphasizes that the Lions have not yet reached their desired destination.
  • The Lions organization remains committed to working hard, staying aggressive, and pursuing success.
  • Holmes acknowledges the fanbase and city's loyalty and emphasizes the goal of securing a playoff berth.
  • The team's structure and capabilities fuel optimism for achieving their playoff aspirations.
  • Holmes highlights the importance of translating intentions into on-field performance and emphasizes a culture of accountability and hard work.
  • The shared mentality between the team and the city of Detroit creates reasons for optimism and excitement.
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Bottom Line – Setting High Goals, Backed by Determination

Brad Holmes' pre-Training Camp message for Detroit Lions fans encapsulates the team's commitment to excellence. While the buzz and optimism surrounding the team are well-deserved, Holmes emphasizes the importance of translating these sentiments into on-field success. The Lions are dedicated to their goal of making the playoffs and have faith in the structure and capabilities they have put in place. With the support of the passionate fanbase, the Lions aim to exceed expectations and make the 2023 season a memorable one for Detroit football enthusiasts.