Former NFL GM Scott Pioli gives advice to Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions

This is some advice from Scott Pioli that Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions should take.

Former Atlanta Falcons General Manager Scott Pioli has been closely following the Detroit Lions throughout the offseason. He has expressed admiration for the team's draft decisions and appears genuinely invested in their success. Recently, Pioli took the opportunity to share some valuable advice with Dan Campbell, and the entire organization. His insights shed light on crucial aspects that could determine the team's trajectory moving forward.

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Former NFL GM gives advice to Campbell, Lions

According to Pioli, Campbell, as the head coach, holds the responsibility of managing a young and relatively inexperienced football team. He notes that Campbell and the front office must effectively handle the team's expectations, instill confidence, and ensure they play like the capable and well-coached team they are.

“Here's the big thing there. It's going to start with their head coach and their front office, they cannot believe the hype, if they believe the hype, they are going to become public enemy.” Pioli said. “And what I'm saying is Dan Campbell, their head coach is going to have to make sure that he manages a young football team, a team that is not very mature in years. If you look at their roster, they've got only four players, including their long snapper that are 30 years old or older. So mentally, and emotionally This is a young football team. Dan and the front office is going to have to make sure that they manage to manage their expectations, play with confidence and feel like they're a good team because they are a good team and they're a well coached team. But they're going to have to be reminded that they can't just come out there and win games just because the public is saying something.”

Key Points

  • Scott Pioli, former Atlanta Falcons GM, has praised the Detroit Lions' offseason moves.
  • Pioli offered advice to Dan Campbell and the Lions during an appearance on Good Morning Football.
  • He emphasized the importance of the head coach and front office not succumbing to the hype and managing the team's expectations.
  • The Lions' roster primarily consists of young players, making mental and emotional management crucial.
  • The team has been bombarded with unprecedented levels of hype, which raises questions about their ability to handle the pressure.
  • The Lions have thus far demonstrated a poised and composed response to the hype, expressing confidence in their abilities.
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Bottom Line – Striking a Balance for Lions' Triumph

Pioli's insightful guidance provides valuable direction for Campbell and the Lions as they navigate a season filled with heightened expectations. The team's ability to manage the external hype and focus on their internal goals will be crucial for their success. By staying composed and performing on the field, the Lions have the opportunity to prove themselves as a formidable force in the NFL.


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