BREAKING: Detroit Tigers surprise everyone with Rule 5 Draft selection

On Thursday, the Detroit Tigers had an opportunity to make a selection in the 2018 Major League Baseball Rule 5 Draft and they did just that.

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The pick is in and the Tigers have selected RHP Reed Garrett. This comes a quite the surprise as most thought the Tigers would take a position player.

The Tigers had to pay $100,000 and the Garrett must remain on the 25-man roster for the 2019 season or be offered back to the original team.

Garrett, who is about to turn 26, was originally selected by the Texas Rangers in the 16th round of the 2014 MLB Draft. In five minor league seasons, he was 26-25 (56 starts/165 games) with a 4.63 ERA.

Garrett has not started a game since the 2017 season.

During last year’s offseason, the Tigers selected outfielder Victor Reyes in the Rule 5 Draft. Reyes played in 100 games, hitting .222 with one home run and 12 RBIs to go along with nine stolen bases.


Breaking down the Detroit Lions playoff chances and why they WILL get in

Ok, I know this is a BOLD prediction but I believe the Detroit Lions will somehow, someway squeeze their way into the NFL Playoffs.

With their win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, the Lions moved to 5-8 and kept their slim playoff hopes alive.

In fact, following the Minnesota Vikings loss the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football, those hopes actually improved as the Lions playoff chances, according to FiveThirtyEight, went from 1% to 3%!

You are probably thinking one of two things right now. 1) This guy is a complete clown if he believes the Lions are going to make the playoffs, I am not reading any more of his BS or 2) I may as well see what this clown has to say since he took the time to write it out.

Well, my hope is that you are still reading because I am about to tell you exactly why I believe the Lions WILL make the NFL Playoffs.

Lions chances…in a vacuum

Believe it or not, the Lions could find themselves in the playoffs even if they lose one of their remaining three games but the chances of that are VERY SLIM. So, my focus in this piece will be predicated on them winning out and letting the chips fall where they may.

First, let’s look at how the Lions playoff chances increase (in a vacuum) with them winning each of their remaining three games.

*Note: This does not take into account what other teams in the league do, we will look at that later. Also, I am not going to get into tie games because all of our heads would explode.

To read the rest of the article, please click on the link below.

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