BREAKING: Final AP College Football Top 25 Poll released

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On Monday night, the Clemson Tigers absolutely destroyed the Alabama Crimson Tide on the biggest stage in college football to win the National Championship.

Now, the final Associated Press Top 25 has been released and Clemson comes in at No. 1 while Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame round out the top 5.

Here is the complete poll.








































Nation, who do you think will start off the 2019 season as No. 1?


Like it or not, Matthew Stafford is and will be OUR quarterback

When it comes to Detroit Lions‘ quarterback Matthew Stafford, either you love him and think he can lead the team to the promised land if surrounded with the proper talent, or you think he is worthless and put the majority of the Lions’ failures squarely on his shoulders.

With the Lions’ struggles in 2018, a growing number of Stafford haters began to talk about trading him as soon as possible.

For those of us with a brain, we know there is no chance that Stafford is going anywhere. Not this year. Not next year.

But to be honest, it really does not matter what any of us think. It only matters what Lions’ general manager Bob Quinn thinks.

Well, on his season-ending press conference on Friday, Quinn made his feelings on Stafford very clear, so listen up.

“Matthew Stafford is our quarterback, he will be our quarterback here. This guy is a very talented player. Myself and our coaches need to put him in better situations to allow him to use his skill set. Matthew is extremely tough and extremely diligent in his work ethic. He sets a great example for all of our players, and really all of our staff, of how to go about his job.”

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