C.J. Gardner-Johnson defends Jared Goff and hits back at Cam Newton

C.J. Gardner-Johnson defends Jared Goff and calls out Cam Newton for his recent comments!

C.J. Gardner-Johnson defends Jared Goff and calls out Cam Newton for his recent comments!

Cam Newton, a free-agent quarterback, recently made comments about several NFL quarterbacks, labeling them as “game managers” who don't significantly impact their team's victories or losses. Among those mentioned was Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff. This sparked a response from Goff's teammate, C.J. Gardner-Johnson.

Gardner-Johnson defends Jared Goff

Newton labeled Goff as a “game manager”

During a recent episode of his “4th and 1” podcast, Newton categorized Jared Goff among the current quarterbacks he perceives as merely “game managers,” suggesting they don't significantly influence their team's success.

“Brock [Purdy], they aren’t winning because of him,” Newton said. “He’s managing the game, and if we were to put that in its own right as game managers, Brock Purdy, Tua Tagovailoa, Jared Goff and really, Dak Prescott. These are game managers. They aren’t difference makers.”

“If we’re really going to call a spade a spade, there’s a difference between managers of the game and difference-makers of a game. That’s not to say they can’t win the MVP, but it just is what it is.”

C.J. Gardner-Johnson wasn't having it

Did the Moon cause the Detroit Lions to lose

Gardner-Johnson would strike back at Cam Newton, telling him on X (formerly Twitter) to stop targeting Goff and to even bring him onto the podcast.

Gardner-Johnson defends Jared Goff,Cam Newton

Johnson is in his first season with the Lions, and it's clear that he holds Goff in high regard.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Former NFL quarterback Cam Newton labeled Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff as a “game manager” during a recent episode of his podcast
  2. Newton placed him in a group of quarterbacks he believed had minimal impact on their team's success.
  3. In response, Lions safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson defended Goff, urging Newton to refrain from targeting his quarterback and even extending an invitation for Newton to appear on his podcast.

Bottom Line: Detroit Vs. Everybody!

Goff has showcased a largely commendable performance for the Lions this season, contributing significantly to their potential triumph in clinching the NFC North Division, thanks to his and other players' contributions to the team's success.

On the other hand, as a free agent with limited interest from NFL teams, Newton's opinions might not hold much weight for Goff. Having Gardner-Johnson in his corner surely reinforces Goff's confidence and support within his team.