Jared Goff attempts to calm Detroit Lions fans who think the sky is falling

Jared Goff attempts to calm Detroit Lions fans who think the sky is falling.

Jared Goff attempts to calm Detroit Lions fans who think the sky is falling

In the wake of two losses in their last three games, some Detroit Lions fans have started to believe that the sky is falling. Despite leading the NFC North division with four games left, questions are being raised about the Lions' potential for a successful playoff run. Amidst this uncertainty, quarterback Jared Goff has stepped forward with a reassuring message for the fans, emphasizing the team's resilience and readiness to face the Denver Broncos in Week 15.

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What did Jared Goff Say?

On Tuesday, Goff joined the crew on 97.1 The Ticket and he did his best to calm down any Lions fans who are having doubts about the remainder of the season.

“Well, we lost two of three for the first time in about 20 games. So, yeah, we're gonna be just fine, we're 9-4,” Goff told 97.1 The Ticket Tuesday. “We've got a good stretch in front of us but it starts this week with the Broncos. We're excited to get back in front of the home fans, we expect them to bring a lot of energy and passion for us this weekend. It'll be a lot of fun, man, it'll be fun to get back in front of them and hopefully get back in the win column.” 

“You treat 'em all the same, wins and losses. We've been fortunate enough to win nine out of 13 at this point, so been able to learn from wins a little more often than losses,” Goff said. “But you treat them the same, you learn from them and you get better. It's a long season, it's a 17-game season and each game counts the same. So if you put more weight on one than the other, you beat yourself twice at times. You need to treat them all the same, you learn from it, you get better and you improve. At the end of the season, you count them all up and see who continues to go.” 

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Resilience in the Face of Setbacks: Despite losing two of their last three games, the Detroit Lions, led by quarterback Jared Goff, remain confident in their abilities. Goff's message to the fans emphasizes the team's resilience and capability to bounce back, which has been a hallmark of the team under Coach Dan Campbell.
  2. Leadership and Experience of Jared Goff: Goff's veteran presence and leadership play a crucial role in maintaining the team's focus and morale. His approach to treating wins and losses equally helps the team learn and grow from each game without letting any single result overly influence their season.
  3. Focus on Upcoming Challenges: With the NFL playoffs in sight, Goff's message is aimed at reassuring fans and refocusing the team for their upcoming game against the Denver Broncos. His emphasis on the importance of each remaining game in the season highlights the team's determination to improve and succeed in the postseason.

The Bottom Line – Perspective and Perseverance

Jared Goff's handling of the Lions' recent stumbles is a masterclass in the art of bouncing back. Let's face it, the NFL season is a grueling marathon, not a sprint. Goff's shrewd take on wins and losses – they're not just outcomes, they're learning moments – is exactly what the Lions need to keep roaring. As they gear up to tackle the Broncos, Goff's words are more than just pep talk; they're a battle cry for the team and the fans. He's telling us loud and clear: a few hiccups don't spell disaster.

This team, with its guts and grit, is still in a prime spot for a playoff rumble. With Goff steering the ship, cool as a cucumber, and the squad's never-say-die spirit, the Lions are poised to turn the tables and silence the skeptics. Watch out, because these Lions are ready to pounce back!