Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich hints at plan for matchup vs. Detroit Lions

Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich spoke to the media on Sunday.

Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich hints at plan for matchup vs. Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions will face off against the Carolina Panthers this upcoming Friday in both teams' final preseason game of the year. Central to the chatter is the possibility of the Lions going head-to-head with the Panthers' rookie quarterback, Bryce Young. During a recent conversation with the media, Panthers' head coach Frank Reich didn't divulge his complete game plan but dropped some hints.

Detroit Lions may dodge Bryce Young Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich

What Frank Reich Said

Though Reich hasn't solidified the entire lineup for the game, he indicated the strategy might mirror that of the last two games. Consequently, if Young's deployment remains consistent, the rookie sensation could grace the Bank of America Stadium for a few drives.

“Haven’t totally nailed it down,” he said. “Still talkin’ to the coaches about that. Scott [Fitterer] and I visited for a while last night, just talkin’ about the plan for this game. So, gettin’ closer to finally finalizing that plan. But I would anticipate it’ll be similar to what we’ve done the last two games. But, again, we’ll kinda work out the details here in the next 24 hours.”

Reich was then asked if those details are likely to include the quarterback position.

“Probably so,” he replied.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Carolina Panthers' head coach, Frank Reich, while being non-committal about his game plan against the Detroit Lions, dropped strong hints about rookie QB Bryce Young's participation in the upcoming match.
  2. While the strategy remains under wraps, indications are that the Panthers might follow patterns from their last two games. If so, spectators can anticipate seeing Young in action for several drives.
  3. During the preseason, Young, like most rookies, has had his ups and downs. During his last game, he struggled as his offensive line was not able to give him the time he needs to make something happen.
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Bottom Line – One More Game

It has been a long offseason, but the Detroit Lions now have just one preseason game remaining before they can shift 100% of their focus to their Week 1 matchup against the Carolina Panthers. It sounds like the Panthers plan to play their starts at least for a bit, so the Lions will get their first look at the No. 1 overall pick, Bryce Young.