Check it out! Detroit Lions ‘Blaze’ concept helmet will leave you drooling

There are certain material items that present themselves throughout your life that immediately makes you say, “take my money, please.”

That’s exactly the thought the came to my mind when I stumbled across the new Riddell ‘Blaze’ NFL helmets. There is one created for each NFL team and though some are more appealing than others, they are all pretty darn cool.


Riddell has launched a new series of NFL licensed collectible helmets. The Blaze Alternate Collection uses teams’ current designs but with alternate colors in a new anodized satin finish. These League-approved alternate designs are available in full-size and mini helmets and can be purchased on the League store. Purchase your own at NFL Shop.

Of course, as a fan of the Detroit Lions, I immediately scrolled through the slide show to see what they came up with for my favorite team. When I finally arrived at the Lions ‘Blaze’ helmet I was blown away and immediately decided I absolutely must have one, regardless of the repercussions I may face when my wife finds out.

If you are not in a position to throw money away on football helmets, you should probably stop reading. But if you are ready to add a must have to your sports memorabilia collection, then get out your credit card.

This is your last chance to leave…

Ok, still around? Check it out!


If you are interested in splurging for the official size ‘Blaze’ helmet, it will cost you $189.99. Though if you act fast you can have it shipped free of charge. Now, if that’s too steep a cost for you, there is also the option to purchase the mini helmet for $39.99.

Both choices are pretty sweet, but I’m sure you can tell which one I had to have just by reading this.

Go Lions!

Written by Don Drysdale

I am a fan of all Detroit sports and LOVE to write about them!

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