Cleveland Browns unveil new logo

The Cleveland Browns have officially released a new logo, which was voted on by the fans.

In an exciting moment for the Dawg Pound faithful, the Cleveland Browns have unveiled their highly anticipated new logo. After an extensive fan-driven campaign, the organization decided to let the loyal supporters and their players have their say in selecting the iconic symbol that will represent the team. The chosen logo, featuring a striking image of a dog, symbolizes the unwavering loyalty and fierce spirit of Browns fans.

Cleveland Browns

A Voice for the Cleveland Browns Fans

The Browns organization has always valued its fans and their unwavering support. With the decision to involve the fans and players in the logo selection process, the team reaffirmed their commitment to the Dawg Pound faithful. Recognizing that the fans are the heart and soul of the franchise, the Browns launched an innovative campaign allowing supporters to vote for their favorite logo design. This democratic approach not only engaged the fans but also empowered them to leave an indelible mark on the team's identity.

After weeks of spirited voting, the fans and players spoke loud and clear: the new logo would feature a dog, a beloved and iconic figure synonymous with the Browns. The selected design showcases a fierce and determined canine, embodying the resiliency and never-say-die attitude of the team and its fans. This powerful symbol serves as a rallying cry, a representation of the unwavering loyalty and passion that Clevelanders bring to the game each and every week.

Here is the new logo:

Cleveland Browns

“We are so excited to unveil a new dawg logo that perfectly encapsulates who we are as a franchise and as a city,” Executive Vice President and Partner JW Johnson said. “Our fans have been asking us for a new dawg logo for quite some time, so it made perfect sense for them to select the logo themselves and decide how they want our team to be represented — and they made a great choice.”

A New Era Dawns

The unveiling of the new logo signifies not only a visual transformation but also the dawn of a new era for the Cleveland Browns. As the team continues to build a formidable roster and make strides toward success on the field, this logo represents a fresh start, a symbol of renewed hope and optimism. It signifies a deep connection between the organization and its passionate supporters, strengthening the bond that has been forged through years of unwavering loyalty.