Creator of Matt Patricia ‘burner’ Twitter account reveals himself


The creator of the alleged Matt Patricia “burner” Twitter account that has gone viral has revealed himself!

His real name is Dylan Cardwell and he is a Los Angeles Rams fan who decided to have a little bit of fun.

Below is Cardwell revealing that he is indeed the creator of the “burner” Twitter account.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press just published an in-depth piece on this, which includes some quotes from Cardwell explaining why he did what he did.

CLICK HERE to read Birkett’s article.


Well, here is another “you be the judge” post for you to ponder over lunch.

If you are a Twitter user and following everything and everybody that has anything to do with the Detroit Lions, you may have come across what may or may not be a burner Twitter account for former head coach, Matt Patricia.

The account in question has the Twitter handle of @EddiePLionsFan and it was recently brought to light by a fan who seems convinced that the account, which is pro Matt Patricia, belongs to the former Lions head coach.

The account, which was created in September of 2020, only has 30 tweets associated with it, many of which are replies to media members and fans who had negative things to say about Patricia.

What makes things even more suspicious is that after several tweets were posted from the account in September, it went completely silent. That is, until the day Patricia was fired.

Since then, more tweets have come out, all defending Patricia and blaming others in the Lions’ organization, such as Matthew Stafford and Bob Quinn.

Oh, and one more thing… Matt Patricia’s middle name just happens to be Edward.

You be the judge.

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  1. Just get a GMC and coach in there that can get the lions in the play offs we the fans need this I feel someone that can get them to the top they have been a bottom shelf team forever let’s get them to the top

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