Dan Campbell divulges interview advice he gave Ben Johnson, Aaron Glenn

Dan Campbell divulges interview advice he gave Ben Johnson, Aaron Glenn. Photo Credit - Junfu Han - USA Today

Dan Campbell divulges interview advice he gave Ben Johnson, Aaron Glenn

The Detroit Lions are in a unique position, with both coordinators, Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn, garnering significant interest for head coaching roles amidst the team's playoff push. Head coach Dan Campbell understands the delicate balance his coordinators must strike between focusing on the present playoff challenges and seizing future career opportunities. With Johnson holding six interview requests and Glenn with four, their situation underscores the complexities coaches face in the NFL—juggling the demands of their current roles while exploring potential career advancements.

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Dan Campbell gives his advice

Here is what Campbell said on Friday regarding Johnson and Glenn having to interview during a playoff run.

“Here’s the luxury that a lot of coaches have that do these that aren’t in the playoffs,” Campbell said. “They get to dive into the roster of, hey, I want to go in, you’re interviewing me, Washington, OK. I’m going to look at your roster up and down, tell you what you do well, what you don’t, what I’d do with it. They can’t do that. They don’t have time. They don’t have time.”

“What they need to do is, and they will, just let them know who you are,” Campbell said. “What you’re about. Why you feel like we had success here. The things you believe in, and either they like you or they don’t. And that’s just, it’s a little unfair but it’s also, it’s the business. And so you do that, you move on, get ready for the game and here we go.”

Campbell's insights, based on his experience, provide a candid look into the intricate dynamics of NFL coaching careers, particularly during the high-pressure playoff season.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions coordinators Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn face the challenge of managing playoff preparations while attending head coaching interviews.
  2. Head coach Dan Campbell advises them to showcase their true selves and coaching philosophies in these interviews.
  3. This scenario underscores the intricate balance NFL coaches must maintain between current team responsibilities and personal career advancement.
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The Bottom Line – Embracing Authenticity Amidst Professional Crossroads

Campbell’s approach to advising Johnson and Glenn epitomizes the essence of professional integrity and pragmatism in the face of career-defining moments. By encouraging them to present their true selves and beliefs, he acknowledges the ‘unfair' but inevitable nature of the process. The situation at the Lions exemplifies a broader theme in the NFL: the necessity for coaches to navigate their career paths with a blend of passion for the present and an eye on future opportunities. Ultimately, Campbell's wisdom serves as a testament to the complex and often unpredictable journey of NFL coaching careers, where success on the field can rapidly translate into new leadership roles elsewhere.