Ben Johnson explains how Jared Goff has grown as a QB: ‘He can handle almost anything’

Ben Johnson explains how Jared Goff has grown as a QB: 'He can handle almost anything'. Photo Credit - Kirthmon F. Dozier

Ben Johnson explains how Jared Goff has grown as a QB: ‘He can handle almost anything'

On Thursday, during his weekly presser, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson highlighted the significant growth in quarterback Jared Goff‘s gameplay, particularly in situational awareness and protection knowledge. Johnson praised Goff's consistent excellence in throwing the football and noted his impressive development in the drop-back game.

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What did Ben Johnson say About Jared Goff?

Here is what Ben Johnson said about Jared Goff:

“I always think his situational football and his knowledge of the protection has really taken the next jump. He’s been excellent at throwing the football. That hasn’t changed,” said Johnson. “That’s been from day one since he got in the League. Been an excellent play-action movement quarterback. 

“I think his drop back game, both from a protection standpoint where he can identify pressures and slide the protection into him, and then his understanding of the situation,” Johnson explained further. “He’s grown immensely from (Lions Head) Coach (Dan) Campbell’s installation of how we like to learn our game management stuff. And now he’s at a spot here, year three, where he can handle almost anything.”

Why it Matters

This evolution is crucial, as it reflects Goff's improved ability to read pressures, adjust protections accordingly, and understand game situations. This growth, guided by Head Coach Dan Campbell‘s game management strategies, is instrumental in Goff's third year with the Lions, demonstrating his capability to handle complex game scenarios effectively.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ben Johnson commends Jared Goff for his improved situational awareness and protection knowledge.
  2. Goff's growth in the drop-back game, identifying pressures, and adapting to situations are highlighted.
  3. Johnson credits Dan Campbell‘s coaching for Goff's development in his third year with the Lions.

The Bottom Line – A Testament to Adaptability and Growth

Jared Goff‘s progression underlines an important narrative in professional sports: the capacity for continual growth and adaptation. Goff's journey from his initial days to becoming a quarterback who can “handle almost anything” is inspiring. It highlights not only his personal development but also the role of effective coaching in unlocking a player's potential. As the Lions continue their journey, Goff's growth will be a key factor in their success, offering hope and excitement to the team and its fans. This story of development and adaptation is what makes sports compelling and unpredictable, and Goff's journey is a shining example of this dynamic.