Dan Campbell explains plan for Detroit Lions starters vs. Steelers

Dan Campbell spoke to the media on Monday and he explained his plan for the Detroit Lions' final preseason game vs. the Steelers.

This coming Sunday, the Detroit Lions will play their final preseason game of the year when they are in Pennsylvania to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

On Monday, Lions head coach Dan Campbell met with the media and he explained that he has told his starters that they need to be ready to play an entire half against the Steelers. He added that Jared Goff will not be playing in the game and that Goff will not be able to talk him into playing this time, as he did for the first preseason game.

“I know this, the starters will play,” Campbell said. “I don't see Goff playing and he's not gonna talk me into it. I told him that this morning so he'll know my conviction. But I do see the starters playing and we'll see where it goes. You know they need to be prepared for a half, I told them. And so I know their guys are playing about a half. I talked to coach (Mike) Tomlin, so this will be really good for us.”

Winning in the preseason matters to Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell

Following the Detroit Lions’ 27-26 win over the Indianapolis Colts, Dan Campbell spoke to the media about why winning in the preseason matter to him.

“It’s important. It’s very important,” Campbell said. “And especially with a young team and just where we’ve been, where we’re coming from and where we began to go at the end of the season. Man, it’s got to be part of our DNA, it’s got to become part of who we are and we have to embrace every moment and treat it like it’s your last moment. Because if you don’t and you just kind of accept it, then you’ll just be average or above average and that’s not good enough in this league.”

The win was Campbell’s first preseason win with the Lions since coming to the team in 2021 and if it is up to him, there will be a lot more wins coming soon.

Nation, do you think Dan Campbell should be playing the Detroit Lions starters in the final preseason game of the year.