Dan Campbell makes BOLD prediction for Week 2 matchup vs. Seattle Seahawks

Dan Campbell makes BOLD prediction for Week 2 matchup vs. Seattle Seahawks: Ford Field will be rocking on Sunday!

Dan Campbell makes BOLD prediction for Week 2 matchup vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Detroit Lions are gearing up for their Week 2 clash with the Seattle Seahawks, and the anticipation in the city is electric. Coach Dan Campbell, in a bold statement, expressed his expectation for the Ford Field crowd to be even louder than the deafening atmosphere at Arrowhead Stadium during last Thursday's season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Why it Matters: Setting the Stage

Coach Campbell's prediction carries significance as the Lions return home after a thrilling victory over the defending Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. With Ford Field's season tickets sold out for the first time in the stadium's history, the fans' excitement is palpable. When Ford Field gets rocking, IT GETS ROCKING!

“I’m expecting it to be loud,” Campbell said. “I know what Arrowhead is—and it was loud. I expect it to be louder than that. I really do. I just know our fans. It’ll be to the point where you can’t hear yourself think.”

The Roar of Ford Field

Campbell reminisced about his first game at Ford Field as a Lion back in 2006, interestingly against the Seahawks. He vividly recalls the unexpected intensity of the crowd noise that day.

“It was loud, and I had been (in) some loud places and been around, and I was not expecting that. That was my first eye-opener to, ‘Wow. We get some wins here and this place will really be on fire,'” Campbell shared.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Coach Dan Campbell predicts Ford Field will be louder than Arrowhead Stadium.
  2. The sold-out season tickets and recent victories have Detroit fans riding high.
  3. Campbell reflects on his own experience of Ford Field's crowd intensity.

Bottom Line – GET LOUD!!

As the Lions return home with newfound optimism, Coach Dan Campbell's prediction sets the stage for a potentially electric atmosphere at Ford Field. The team hopes to ride this wave of enthusiasm to another thrilling victory in Week 2.

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