Dan Campbell Reveals 1 Thing Detroit Lions offense must improve

Dan Campbell Reveals 1 Thing Detroit Lions offense must improve: Find out the one thing that Campbell feels like the Lions offense must do better moving forward.

Dan Campbell Reveals 1 Thing Detroit Lions offense must improve

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell, despite securing a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in Thursday night's season opener, isn't one to overlook the finer details. He's acutely aware that there's work to be done on both sides of that ball. But while speaking to reporters on Friday, Campbell pointed out one thing the offense must improve upon moving forward.

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The Key Issue: Tempo and Third Down Efficiency

On the day after the thrilling season opener, Coach Campbell pinpointed the “correctable issues” that need addressing for the Lions after Week 1. Although he acknowledged the need to improve third-down efficiency, he emphasized another pressing matter at the top of the list: tempo.

“Probably offensively, (the biggest thing to clean up) is the tempo,” Campbell said on Friday. “Man, we’ve got to improve our tempo. That’s probably (at the) top of the list right now and then third down offensively,” Campbell told reporters Friday. “And, we weren’t great on defense either in that first half. Now, we turned it around there, but I think those are a couple things we’ve got to clean up that would be (at the) top of the list here.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Despite a season-opening win, Coach Dan Campbell sees room for improvement.
  2. He emphasized the need for the Lions' offense to work on their tempo.
  3. With new players and limited preseason practice, early-season adjustments were expected.

Bottom Line – Pacing for Progress

While the Lions' season opener showed promise, Coach Dan Campbell's insistence on refining the tempo underscores his commitment to continuous improvement. As the season unfolds, keeping an eye on the Lions' offensive tempo could provide valuable insights into their progress.