Dan Campbell put Miami Dolphins through intense drill on 1st day as interim coach [VIDEO]

According to reports, the Detroit Lions have decided on their new full-time head coach after November’s dismissal of Matt Patricia and the subsequent five games of Darrell Bevell as interim head coach.

According to NFL writers Jay Glazer, the Lions will be hiring New Orleans Saints tight ends coach Dan Campbell.

Additionally, NFL Insider Ian Rapoport said the Lions made the decision “was made late this week.”

Campbell is known for his tough and ultra-competitive spirit, and helped lead the Miami Dolphins to a 5-7 mark in the 12 games following the dismissal of Joe Philbin. He’s a two-time Super Bowl winner, and also happened to be a roster player on the infamous 0-16 2008 Lions campaign.

Shortly after taking over as interim head coach with the Dolphins, he put his players through the infamous “Oklahoma Drill”, a practice that was later banned by the NFL.

For those of you unfamiliar with that, take a look below. Per SportsLingo.com:

The Oklahoma drill consists of a blocker and a defender who face off against each other, three yards apart in a corridor that is at least one-yard wide. The boundaries of the corridor are usually marked off by pads or blocking bags, with the total area of the corridor at about three feet by nine feet.

When the whistle sounds, the drill begins and both players then rush towards each other until either someone ends up on the ground or is pushed out of bounds.

Another variation of the drill involves a total of three players, when a ball-carrier is added to the drill. The drill is conducted the same as previously mentioned, but can now end if the ball-carrier is tackled.

The purpose of the drill is to test players in full contact, confined situations.

While the Oklahoma Drill may not be able to be used anymore, you can bet that Lions practices under their new incoming head coach will be intense.

– – Quotes via SportsLingo.com Link – –

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