Dan Campbell reacts to Mike Tirico’s ‘asterisk’ comment

Dan Campbell reacts to Mike Tirico: Find out what Campbell said when he heard what Tirico had to say about the Lions win having an 'asterisks' next to it.

Dan Campbell reacts to Mike Tirico's ‘asterisk' comment

On Thursday night, the Detroit Lions marched into Arrowhead Stadium and they took care of business by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 21-20. As soon as the game was over, NBC announcer Mike Tirico, who has been an ambassador for Detroit, and not just the Lions, made a comment that upset quite a few people.

“This comes with an asterisk due to the absence of Chris Jones and Travis Kelce,” Tirico said after the conclusion of the game.

A day later, Lions head coach Dan Campbell was asked about Tirico's comment and he had the perfect response.

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What did Dan Campbell say about Mike Tirico's comment?

When asked about Tirico saying there is an ‘asterisk' next to the Lions win, Campbell had the perfect response.

“Well, is there an asterisk by the 1-0?” Campbell asked rhetorically.

Why it Matters

To be completely honest, it really does not matter what any announcer or reporter says about the Lions, and Tirico's comments have absolutely ZERO impact on the validity of last night's win. Regardless of who played or did not play in the game, the Lions, as Campbell said, are 1-0, and they will not shift their focus to the Seattle Seahawks.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Lions Secure Victory: The Detroit Lions emerged victorious against the Kansas City Chiefs with a final score of 21-20, marking a thrilling start to their season.
  2. Mike Tirico's Controversial Comment: NBC announcer Mike Tirico, a known Detroit ambassador, stirred controversy by suggesting that the Lions' win should come with an “asterisk” due to the absence of key Chiefs players Chris Jones and Travis Kelce.
  3. Dan Campbell's Perfect Response: Lions head coach Dan Campbell responded to Tirico's comment by questioning whether there should be an “asterisk” next to their 1-0 record, emphasizing that external opinions won't deter the team's focus on their next opponent, the Seattle Seahawks.

Bottom Line: 1-0 is 1-0, No Matter How You Slice It

In the aftermath of a thrilling victory, the controversy surrounding Mike Tirico's comment adds an unnecessary asterisk of its own. Regardless of external opinions, the Detroit Lions are 1-0 and fully focused on their upcoming clash with the Seattle Seahawks. The resilience and determination displayed by the team on the field speak louder than any commentary, reaffirming their commitment to a successful season.

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