Dan Campbell says he still believes the Lions can win with Jared Goff

It has not been a great start for Jared Goff as QB of the Detroit Lions.

Not only are the Lions sitting at 0-6 on the season but Goff has been a big reason why the offense has faltered.

Following Sunday’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, Lions head coach Dan Campbell told the media that Goff had to step up his game.

“I feel like he has to step up more than he has and I think he needs to help us, just like everybody else,” Campbell said, via ESPN’s Eric Woodyard. “He’s gonna need to put a little bit of weight on his shoulders here and it’s time to step up, make some throws and do some things, but he needs help.”

On Wednesday, Campbell spoke to reporters and he said he still believes the Lions can with Goff.

“I think we can win with him, I do,” Campbell said.

Nation, what do you think? Can the Lions win with Jared Goff as their quarterback?

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