Dan Campbell updates Detroit Lions kicker battle

Prior to the start of Sunday's practice, Dan Campbell gave an update on the Detroit Lions kicker battle.

In an unexpected move, the Detroit Lions have released veteran kicker, Michael Badgley. Despite Badgley's consistent accuracy last season, the Lions decided to inject fresh blood into the team by introducing Parker Romo and Riley Patterson. Head coach Dan Campbell shared insights into this decision, noting that while Badgley was a tough loss, they wanted to give Patterson another shot, seeing similarities between him and Badgley in terms of skill and potential.

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Dan Campbell updates Detroit Lions kicker battle

The 2022 stats speak volumes about Campbell's statement, with both Badgley and Patterson showing reliable performances for short-to-medium distances. However, both struggled with long-distance kicks, which is where Romo comes into the picture. Romo's strong performance in the OTAs, particularly a 61-yarder, caught the attention of the Lions. Nevertheless, Romo still needs to work hard to secure his position, with Campbell calling him the “wild card” due to his impressive kick strength.

“It was hard to let Badgley go,” Campbell said on Sunday morning. “That was tough. I have a lot of respect for Badge. But you know, we wanted to get another look at Patterson. We feel like they’re very similar type players, Badgley and Patterson. We’ll get a look at Patterson.”

“We like Romo,” Cambell added. “He’s kind of the wild card. He has a big leg. There’s a level of development to him that needs to take place. “So we just felt like between those two guys, let’s get a look at them, and let them compete against each other. That’s why we did what we did.”

Key Points

  • The Detroit Lions released veteran kicker Michael Badgley, introducing Parker Romo and Riley Patterson to the team.
  • Head coach Dan Campbell explained the release was to provide an opportunity for Patterson.
  • Both Patterson and Badgley had similar stats in 2022, being reliable for short-to-medium distances.
  • Parker Romo's opportunity lies in long-distance kicks where both Patterson and Badgley have struggled.

Bottom Line – Kick-starting the Future

The Lions' unexpected decision to release Badgley and introduce Romo and Patterson into the mix is a testament to their adaptability and forward-thinking approach. As they gear up for the upcoming season, the kicker battle will be a key area to watch. Coach Campbell's words capture it best – they're all about giving everyone a chance to prove their worth. With this new dynamic, the Lions are not just reshuffling their deck; they're playing a whole new game.