Dan Orlovsky brutalizes Dallas Cowboys while discussing Detroit Lions’ success

Shots fired: ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky brutalizes Dallas Cowboys while talking about the success of the Detroit Lions. Photo Credit - Chris Nelson - Special to the Post

Shots fired: ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky brutalizes Dallas Cowboys while talking about the success of the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are currently experiencing an exceptionally successful period, clinching their division title for the first time in 30 years. Their consecutive postseason victories further accentuate this achievement. Notably, the latter feat represents the first time since their championship season in 1957 that they have accomplished such a milestone. Former Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky, now a prominent analyst at ESPN, took a dig at the Dallas Cowboys while discussing Detroit's recent success.

Dan Orlovsky brutalizes Dallas Cowboys

Dan Orlovsky hits hard at Dallas with the hard truth

The Lions' triumph over Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams came on the heels of another playoff disappointment for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys faced humiliation at home as the Green Bay Packers secured a decisive victory, leading to another premature end to their season and extending their championship drought to 28 years.

And Orlovsky decided to have a bit of fun at the Cowboys' expense while talking about Detroit's success:

“The Detroit Lions went 0–16,” Orlovsky said, “and they’ve got more NFC championship game appearances this century than the Cowboys!”

Not winning the Super Bowl in nearly three full decades does cast doubt on the appropriateness of the moniker “America's Team,” doesn't it?

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions have advanced to the NFC Championship game thanks to playoff victories over the Los Angeles Chargers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  2. While talking about the Detroit Lions, ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky told the brutal truth to the Dallas Cowboys
  3. The Lions now have more NFC championship appearances this century than the Cowboys
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Bottom Line: The truth hurts

The Dallas Cowboys have long been known as “America's Team” and hold the title of the most valuable professional sports franchise in North America under owner Jerry Jones. Nevertheless, there is a growing sentiment that it might be time to engage in a serious conversation about passing that moniker to the Lions.

The Lions, currently on the verge of a potential trip to the Super Bowl, offer a noteworthy contrast to the Cowboys, who have not achieved this feat even once in the 21st century.


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