David Montgomery comments on lawsuit over alleged pit bull attack

David Montgomery comments on lawsuit: The Detroit Lions running back gave a brief statement on Wednesday.

David Montgomery comments on lawsuit over alleged pit bull attack

During a regular off-season day in June, Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery found himself in a situation that any pet owner would dread. Montgomery and his girlfriend, Tatum Causey, are facing a lawsuit because their pit bull, Lola, allegedly attacked a smaller dog and its owner. According to reports from the Detroit Free Press, the incident occurred just days after the couple moved to their new residence.

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What Allegedly Happened?

The alleged attack didn't just end with the smaller dog, a cockapoo, sustaining injuries; one of its owners, Mark Owens, claims to have suffered puncture wounds on his hand while intervening, which was evident during his attendance at a Grosse Pointe Shores city council meeting. This situation not only paints a distressing image for the injured parties but also poses potential PR challenges for Montgomery, especially since he's in the spotlight after signing a lucrative deal with the Lions following his successful stint with the Chicago Bears.

What Did David Montgomery Say?

After Monday's practice, Montgomery only briefly addressed the lawsuit, stating, “It's getting taken care of,” as he made his way from the practice field to the Lions' locker room.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. David Montgomery faces a lawsuit over his pit bull, Lola, allegedly attacking a smaller dog and its owner in June.
  2. The attacked dog sustained severe injuries, leading to leg amputation, while its owner, Mark Owens, suffered puncture wounds on his hand.
  3. Montgomery, formerly with the Chicago Bears, recently signed a significant contract with the Detroit Lions.

Bottom Line – Lawsuit Status Conference Set

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the civil lawsuit's status conference is set for Oct. 26, shortly before the Lions play the Las Vegas Raiders at Ford Field on Monday Night Football.

After inking a three-year, $18 million contract with the Lions in March, Montgomery is anticipated to share backfield responsibilities this autumn with rookie Jahmyr Gibbs, a first-round selection. Montgomery previously racked up 3,609 yards over the last four seasons while playing for the Chicago Bears.