David Montgomery Dog Incident: Police Respond Following Attack

Explore the events surrounding the David Montgomery dog incident.

David Montgomery Dog Incident

According to TMZ Sports, reports have emerged about a serious incident at the residence of Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery and his girlfriend. According to police documents, neighbors claimed that a pitbull mix, named Lola, owned by Montgomery and his girlfriend, Tatum Causey, attacked them and their pet.

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The Incident's Details

From TMZ Sports:

According to police documents, officers were called out to Montgomery's new Grosse Pointe Shores residence on June 4 … after his and his GF's pitbull mix, Lola, was accused of escaping the house and attacking a smaller dog on the sidewalk.

In police body cam footage from the scene … Montgomery's girlfriend — Tatum Causey — can be heard explaining to officers that she was in the backyard when she realized her pooch had gotten out.

“I go inside, literally opened the door and I said, ‘Anybody see Lola?'” she told an officer at the scene. “So, I'm looking in the backyard for her — she normally stays right in the backyard — but when I walk out, I see my brother carrying her.”

The Aftermath

Causey has since pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor count regarding harboring a vicious dog. She is set to appear for a hearing in September. Tragically, a tribute post shared by Causey hinted at the sad demise of Lola after the incident.

“So many quiet days just filled with your unconditional love,” she wrote on the IG post. “You are and always will be the best. My soul dog, I love you forever and ever my Lola Bear.”

David Montgomery, having recently moved to Michigan following his sign-on with the Detroit Lions after four seasons with the Chicago Bears, finds himself amidst this controversy.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Incident at Montgomery's Residence: David Montgomery, the Detroit Lions running back, has found himself in the spotlight due to a dog attack incident. According to police records, Montgomery and his girlfriend Tatum Causey's pitbull mix named Lola allegedly escaped from their home and attacked a smaller dog on a sidewalk.
  2. Details from the Scene: In police body camera footage, Causey can be heard describing the events leading up to the incident. She was searching for Lola in the backyard, only to later find her brother carrying the escaped dog.
  3. Legal and Emotional Aftermath: Causey is now facing legal repercussions, having pleaded not guilty to harboring a vicious dog. The incident seemingly ended in heartbreak, with a tribute post from Causey suggesting the unfortunate passing of Lola after the event.

Bottom Line: To Comments Yet From Montgomery

According to TMZ Sports, they have reached out to David Montgomery for his comments on the situation, but he has not replied. Montgomery is expected to be a huge part of the Lions' rushing attack in 2023, along with rookie Jahmyr Gibbs.