Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn gives rare radio interview leading up to playoffs

Ever since Bob Quinn became the general manager of the Detroit Lions in early January 2016, the expectation level for the team has ratcheted up. This is mainly due to his experience as a scout with the New England Patriots and his role in developing their championship level roster,

Quinn recently did a radio interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio today and touched on a number of topics.

On Retaining Caldwell:

“Jim’s done a really good job. Him and his staff have put together this team with the help of my scouting staff. They’ve done a good job developing some of the young players. We’ve got quite a number of rookies on the team that are playing significant roles. I’m really happy with how that has gone.

You know, making the playoffs is pretty difficult to do in this league as a lot of coaches and front office people know. Really glad to bring Jim back for next year and really excited about keeping the focus on Saturday night in Seattle.”

On Matthew Stafford’s injury:

“He’s not on the injury report this week. The first game or two he was getting used to how the finger was going with the glove, but, I think he’s done an outstanding job of working through it. He’s looked good out there in practice this week.”

On Teryl Austin:

“Teryl’s a good coach. I didn’t know Teryl at all until I got here last January, about a year ago. [I’m] really impressed by, you know, a couple things. First, the way he handles the players. He has a really great working relationship. He can get on ‘em when it’s time to get on ‘em, but, he can also have a really good rapport with everyone in the room whether it be the defensive linemen, the secondary, or the linebackers.

He’s a really well rounded coach that can put everything together on the defense. He’s not just…his history is with the defensive backs, but, he can go down there and help out coaching the defensive line. he does a really good job of managing the game and his play calling is his calling card. He does a good job calling up the defenses to stop our opponents.

We’re supportive of Teryl’s pursuit of being a head coach and we hope something works out for him. If not, we obviously love to have him here.”

Written by Leonard Elmore

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