Detroit Lions C Frank Ragnow clears air on ‘inoperable’ turf toe

Well, this is certainly some better news than what Frank Ragnow passed along back in May!

Back in May, Detroit Lions center Frank Ragnow spoke to reporters, and while giving an update on his turf toe injury, he mentioned that it was “inoperable”. On Tuesday, following Day 3 of training camp, Ragnow cleared the air on his injury, saying that he slipped up with his previous comments and that he is in a good place right now.

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Detroit Lions C Frank Ragnow clears air on ‘inoperable' turf toe

At a charity event back in May, Ragnow gave an update on his turf toe injury, calling it “inoperable”.

“So it would have to be an experimental procedure to get that done and that’s not something the NFL O-linemen are in the business of,” Ragnow said.

“It’s a deal where it’s kind of inoperable, so it’s kind of something that we’re trying to navigate,” Ragnow said. “Manage. But hopefully, its not going to be near to the altitude of last year where it was like brutal.

Here is what Ragnow had to say following Tuesday's practice:

“I'm feeling pretty good, man,” Ragnow said. “I know I let this slip this offseason where I said “inoperable” and it kinda maybe got a little bit blown out of the water. I'm feeling really good. Right now, I'm feeling I'm in a good space. Mentally, especially, like I'm confident, I'm feeling really good out there.

Why it Matters

Ragnow is not only one of the best offensive linemen on the Lions, but he is one of the best offensive linemen in the entire NFL. Ragnow's comments on Tuesday are exactly what the Lions and the fans wanted to hear. Hopefully, he is able to manage the pain in his turf toe injury, so he can continue to dominate his position.

Key Points

  • Ragnow previously referred to his turf toe injury as “inoperable” during a charity event in May, suggesting a potentially significant impact on his performance.
  • Following the third day of training camp on Tuesday, Ragnow clarified his previous comments, asserting that he's currently in a good place, both physically and mentally, and that the severity of his injury might have been overstated.
  • Ragnow's update is critical for the Lions and their supporters, as he is considered one of the NFL's top offensive linemen. His ability to manage his injury could greatly influence the team's overall performance.
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Bottom Line: Good News for Ragnow

Ragnow's latest update about his turf toe injury is a relief for the Detroit Lions and their fan base. His earlier reference to the injury as “inoperable” had raised concerns about his future performance and the team's prospects. However, his recent clarification shows he's in a solid state of health and feels confident about his situation. As one of the NFL's premier offensive linemen, Ragnow's continued ability to navigate and manage his condition effectively will play a key role in the Lions' success in the forthcoming season.