Frank Ragnow called ‘Elite’ by fellow Pro Bowl player

Even though he has had to play through a painful injury, Frank Ragnow has been elite for the Detroit Lions.

In an ESPN survey involving NFL coaches, executives, players, and scouts, another Detroit Lions offensive lineman has earned well-deserved recognition. According to the survey, center Frank Ragnow was listed as the 10th-best interior offensive lineman. Among centers specifically, Ragnow ranked an impressive third, trailing only Jason Kelce (sixth overall) and Creed Humphrey (eighth).

Frank Ragnow 2023 Detroit Lions

Frank Ragnow called ‘Elite' by fellow Pro Bowl player

Here is what one anonymous Pro Bowl player had to say about Ragnow.

Ragnow cracked the top 10 two years ago, missed the cut after an injury-plagued 2021 season and is now back after another Pro Bowl campaign.

The Lions produced the league's fourth-ranked offense with Ragnow in the middle. One Pro Bowl veteran said Ragnow, who has a 94.5% pass block win rate, appeared to start slowly this year because of a tear in his left foot from 2022.

“He looked more like himself as the year went on,” the player said. “He was elite before the injury and got back to that place. He's a great communicator at the line, makes all the calls, plays with leverage and physicality.”

Key Points

  • Frank Ragnow recognized as the third-best center in an ESPN survey of NFL insiders.
  • Praise for Ragnow's elite skills, communication, and physicality.
  • Toe injury sidelines Ragnow for a significant portion of the 2021 season.
  • Despite ongoing injury struggles, Ragnow earns a Pro Bowl selection and impressive PFF grade.

Bottom Line – Ragnow's Triumph Through Adversity

Amidst injury setbacks and ongoing toe issues, Frank Ragnow continues to prove his worth as one of the league's premier centers. His recognition by NFL insiders further solidifies his standing as a key contributor to the Lions' offensive line. Ragnow's resilience, elite skills, and unwavering determination demonstrate his commitment to excellence. As the Lions embark on the upcoming season, Ragnow's presence at the center position will be instrumental in the team's success. The stage is set for Ragnow to defy expectations, anchor the offensive line, and pave the way for the Lions' offensive attack.