Detroit Lions CB Jerry Jacobs wants all the smoke

Despite the Detroit Lions signing a trio of defensive backs this offseason, Jerry Jacobs still has himself a spot on the team. He intends to make the most of his opportunity.

The Detroit Lions have made headlines with their strategic offseason signings, particularly in the secondary. Amidst these moves, third-year cornerback Jerry Jacobs found himself facing increased competition. However, instead of backing down, Jacobs welcomed the challenge and expressed his enthusiasm for the team's acquisitions.

Jerry Jacobs Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • The Lions' secondary received a boost with the signings of Sutton, Gardner-Johnson, and Moseley.
  • Jacobs embraced the challenge and saw it as an opportunity to grow and improve.
  • Jeff Okudah's departure cleared the path for Jacobs to establish himself as a key contributor.

Detroit Lions CB Jerry Jacobs wants all the smoke

The additions of Cam Sutton, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, and Emmanuel Moseley ignited Jacobs' competitive fire, spurring him to raise his game. While speculations arose about Jacobs being overshadowed, it was Jeff Okudah who ultimately departed the team, solidifying Jacobs' place in the Lions' plans. Despite the new additions, Jacobs is more than ready for the challenge.

“When we signed free (agents) like Cam (Sutton), Chauncey (Gardner-Johnson), Emmanuel (Moseley), man, that's turnt,” Jacobs said after OTAs last week. “That's just making me bring more fuel to the fire and help the DB room compete, make each other better. When we signed them guys, I was happy.”

Bottom Line – Jacobs expects to compete

Jacobs' resilience and determination play a pivotal role in the Detroit Lions' defensive overhaul. As the team undergoes significant changes, Jacobs remains a valuable asset. Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn recognized Jacobs' talent and expects him to compete fiercely with the newly acquired players.

“Why is (Jacobs) still here? Because he’s a damn good player,” Glenn said last week.”(We expect) him to go out there and compete with the other guys that we brought in. We’ll let that shake out. If he wins it, he wins it. If he doesn’t, he’ll understand what his role will be.”

Jacobs has blossomed into a skilled cornerback and views the strengthened secondary as a catalyst for his personal growth. Notably, veterans like Cam Sutton have imparted wisdom and knowledge to Jacobs, shaping his development. Additionally, the tenacity and toughness of Chauncey Gardner-Johnson have inspired Jacobs to unlock his full potential. Jacobs appreciates the infusion of new talent into the defensive back room, as it signals the team's commitment to success.

“Cam Sutton, seven years in, (shoot), he taught me more than since I’ve been in the league, man,” Jacobs said. “Just having him in my corner, and Chauncey, he’s just gritty, loud. He’s just a dawg, and that’s just gonna bring that dog (out of) me too. So man, I’m glad we signed new type of guys in the DB room.”