Detroit Lions DC Cory Undlin places blame for ’embarrassing’ mistakes

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Counting up to 11 is pretty damn easy for most people over the age of 3.

Unfortunately, accomplishing that feat has been something the Detroit Lions defense has failed at way too often as of late and it is starting to become pretty aggravating.

On Sunday, during an embarrassing loss to the Minnesota Vikings, the Lions defense only had 10 players on the field on a play that resulted in a Vikings touchdown.

While speaking to the media on Tuesday, Lions defensive coordinator Cory Undlin said that the defense having 10 men on the field for another play on Sunday was “embarrassing.”

“It’s embarrassing, is what it is. And I’ll say this: It’s just poor, poor coaching,” Undlin said.

Undlin is 100% correct. Mistakes like having more than 11 or less than 11 players on the field is on the coaching staff and it needs to stop. Period.


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Posted by Don Drysdale
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