Detroit Lions DT Alim McNeill cuts insane amount of body fat with one goal in mind

Detroit Lions DT Alim McNeill is doing everything he can to help out his team! Meanwhile, I am sitting here eating a bag of Starburst while I write this :/

Detroit Lions DT Alim McNeill, embarked on a rigorous offseason regimen to enhance his performance on the field, and it paid off. Striving for greatness, McNeill focused on transforming his physique through practices such as weekly yoga, taking red meat out of his diet, and focusing on portion control.

Alim McNeill Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Alim McNeill undertook a comprehensive approach to improving his performance during the offseason.
  • His transformation involved practicing weekly yoga and adhering to a red meatless diet with portion control.
  • The primary goal of his physical transformation was to enhance his pass rush skills and contribute to the success of the Detroit Lions' defense.  

Detroit Lions DT Alim McNeill cuts insane amount of body fat with one goal in mind

The results are impressive, as McNeill experienced a substantial reduction in body fat percentage, 13% to be exact, allowing him to feel leaner, more flexible, and capable of bending with ease. However, the primary objective of his transformation was to elevate his pass rush abilities, aiming to become a better football player and contribute effectively to the Lions' defense.  

“I just feel like an athlete again, I just feel a lot better now,” McNeill said. “I am able to move and bend a lot different now.”

“This is what the transformation was for, if I’m really being honest with you, is to be able to rush that passer like I want to,” McNeill added. “That’s really what the transformation was for, just so I could be a better football player for the Lions. Be able to do everything I need to do.”

“Just being able to play throughout the game consistently, not, you know, breathing hard and having to worry about catching your breath… If I have to play every snap of the game, I want to be able to do that.”

Bottom Line – From Fat Loss to Game Gains  

Alim McNeill's journey of cutting an impressive amount of body fat and improving his pass rush skills reflects his commitment to becoming an exceptional football player. Through his dedication, discipline, and determination, McNeill has positioned himself to make a significant impact on the Detroit Lions defense. As the upcoming season unfolds, the team and fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the results of McNeill's transformation and the positive influence it may have on the team's overall performance.