Detroit Lions DT Alim McNeill reveals personal goal for 2023

Alim McNeill dropped a TON of weight and he is ready to make a statement for the Detroit Lions.

When it comes to the game of football, size often matters, but for Detroit Lions defensive lineman, Alim McNeill, it's all about shedding pounds and gaining agility. The third-year pro has revealed his latest achievement – a significant 22-pound weight loss – just as training camp kicked off. Sporting a noticeably leaner frame, McNeill, who now weighs 305 pounds, admits to feeling lighter, quicker, and as powerful as ever on the field.

Alim McNeill Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions DT Alim McNeill reveals personal goal for 2023

His commitment to a healthier lifestyle, which includes a revised diet with less red meat, has played a significant role in his transformation. Moreover, he affirms that his improved stamina enables him to spend more time on the field, thereby contributing more significantly to the team. McNeill is not new to the spotlight, but he now eyes more pass-rushing opportunities and a growing role in the Lions' defensive line.

“Last time I was at a podium, I was at about 327 (pounds). I’m 305 now,” McNeill said. “I feel a lot better. A lot lighter and faster on the field. And I still have the same strength, so I feel really good.

“Yeah, yeah. Absolutely (stamina is better). Being able to play more snaps — that was really the goal. Being able to be more consistent, playing more snaps on the field. All of that goes into that.”

“I did feel like I was somewhat getting there,” McNeill said. “I didn’t — last year was up and down for me. I didn’t personally like it. But I didn’t dislike it. This year, I’m looking to be able to be who I want to be on the field. And be able to show everybody what I can really do.”

Key Points

  • Alim McNeill has lost 22 pounds, now weighing 305 pounds.
  • His new diet and lifestyle have helped him achieve the weight loss.
  • Improved stamina allows him to play more consistently and contribute more to the team.
  • McNeill eyes more pass-rushing opportunities and an expanded role in the team.
  • Despite last season's ups and downs, McNeill is ready to show his full potential in 2023.
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Bottom Line – A Roaring Success in Progress

Alim McNeill's commitment to personal growth is as clear as ever. His weight loss achievement is a testament to his dedication and serves as an inspiration for other athletes. As he gears up for the 2023 season, we can expect to see this leaner, more agile Lion roar louder on the field, showcasing his potential and contributing significantly to the Detroit Lions' success.


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