Detroit Lions fans shatter noise record despite overtime loss to Seahawks

Detroit Lions fans shatter noise record despite overtime loss to Seahawks: Find out how loud it was at Ford Field on Sunday afternoon.

Detroit Lions fans shatter noise record despite overtime loss to Seahawks

In a game filled with ups and downs, the Detroit Lions may have fallen short in their home opener against the Seattle Seahawks, losing in overtime. However, it was the Lions' faithful fanbase that stole the show, setting a new record for noise at Ford Field, reaching an ear-splitting peak of 127.5 decibels during the game (Per The Detroit News).

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Why It Matters

According to The Detroit News, this achievement easily surpassed the previous record of 121.1 decibels set during a 2016 game against Washington. While Ford Field can now boast of being among the loudest venues in the NFL, it's Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium that still holds the world record, registering an astounding 142.2 decibels during a game between the Chiefs and Patriots in 2014.

Dan Campbell and Jared Goff Praise The Fans

Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell couldn't help but express his gratitude, saying, “Appreciate our fans, they showed up and did their part, and we didn’t finish it.” The atmosphere in the stadium was electric, proving that Detroit fans are second to none.

Quarterback Jared Goff, who felt the energy from the roaring crowd, acknowledged the importance of the fans' support: “That was a real, real, real home-field advantage for us today, and having them do that for the rest of the year will be a real, real home-field advantage. Got to give them something to root for though and continue to find ways to win games.”

Detroit Lions fans now have an opportunity to further etch their names in history as they aim to break this newfound noise record next Sunday when they host the Atlanta Falcons.

1 Rule Detroit Lions fans must follow

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Despite the Detroit Lions' overtime loss to the Seahawks, the home crowd set a new noise record at Ford Field, peaking at 127.5 decibels.
  2. This achievement surpassed the previous record of 121.1 decibels and highlights the unwavering support of Detroit fans.
  3. The roaring home crowd promises to be a significant advantage for the Lions in upcoming games.

Bottom Line – The Roar of Detroit Fans

The Lions' loss may have left a bitter taste, but the thunderous support from the crowd offers a silver lining. Detroit fans have once again proven their commitment to their team, and the Lions now possess a formidable home-field advantage. As they gear up to host the Atlanta Falcons, the Lions have every reason to believe that their devoted fans will continue to make Ford Field a fortress. The roar of Detroit fans will undoubtedly echo through the season, inspiring their team to strive for victory in every game.

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