Detroit Lions get HUGE boost for matchup vs. Jaguars

Detroit Lions get HUGE boost: This could change your mind about who will win today's game.

Detroit Lions get HUGE boost for matchup vs. Jaguars

During the preseason, NFL teams tread the thin line between giving their starters game reps and risking unnecessary injuries. This upcoming game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Detroit Lions is a clear testament to this strategic balance. We already knew that the Lions will not be playing their starters on Saturday, but Brian Sexton from just revealed that Jacksonville has also chosen to bench their starting lineup, focusing instead on evaluating their second and third-string players.

Detroit Lions vs Jacksonville Jaguars Detroit Lions get huge boost

Why it Matters

The Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars had an intensive week of joint practices prior to this game, allowing starters from both sides to face off in various drills. Given this recent exposure and the potential risk of injuries in a full-contact game setting, it's a strategic move to keep the main players on the bench for this matchup. It's interesting to note that while superstars like Trevor Lawrence and Jared Goff will be missing from the field, fans can anticipate C.J. Beathard and Nate Sudfeld or Teddy Bridgewater to take the helm for the Jaguars and Lions respectively.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions will both rest their starting lineups for their upcoming preseason game.
  2. Both teams had joint practices before the game, making another face-off of starters redundant and injury-prone.
  3. In the Jaguars' following preseason game against the Miami Dolphins, the starters are expected to return, playing the entire first half. Dan Campbell has not yet revealed the plan for the Lions' starters during their final preseason game.
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Bottom Line – Playing it Safe, Playing it Smart

In the grand scheme of a grueling NFL season, the preseason is a blip. Yet, it’s a critical time for assessments, adjustments, and strategies. As the Jaguars and Lions both opt to safeguard their first-string players, it's not just about avoiding potential injuries. It's a conscious choice to size up the talent in the wings, allowing the coaching staff to make informed decisions ahead of the regular season. It may not have the star power some fans crave, but this game is a pivotal moment for players on the cusp, fighting for their spot on the final 53-man roster. So, while we might miss the usual headliners, remember: today's backup could be tomorrow's breakout star.