Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes shares funny story about Trinity Benson trade

As you have probably heard by now, the Detroit Lions recently traded the Denver Broncos for WR Trinity Benson.

When the trade went down, plenty of folks hopped on the internet to research who in the heck Benson is.

On Thursday, Lions GM Brad Holmes met with the media and he shared a funny story about how he had no idea who Benson was until very recently when pro personnel director Rob Lohman put his on his radar.

From Detroit News:

“He comes to me and says, ‘You seen this Denver receiver?,'” Holmes said. “I had the same response as probably everybody else had, I said, ‘Who the hell is Trinity Benson?’ But when I first watched the tape, I was like, ‘Wow.’ He popped off. He had juice, he had explosiveness. His upside as a route runner gets you really excited, for a young guy. And then the more work you do from an intangibles standpoint — he’s a tough kid that’s a hard worker. He’s smart, does things the right way.”

Holmes added that after doing their research, Benson was the No. 1 WR target on their list and they felt the need to trade for him rather than risk losing him to one of the six teams ahead of them on the waiver list.